Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 - 2011

Wow it feels strange doing a look back over the year but as I'm back at work tomorrow and will be working on New Years day too, I need to do this post today!

This year has been an exciting one for me! I started this little blog of mine back in February and it's gone from strength to strength. The friends that I have made in this great community of ours is unbelievable, I love reading and commenting on blogs and the inspiration I get from each of you is priceless.

Here are a few snaps of the sewing that I have completed this year::

And here is a shot of some projects I intend to tackle in 2011::

For me 2011 is going to be more about quilting. I've decided not to partake in as many swaps and to really concentrate on churning out some quilts that I love. I've been preparing for this change in direction for the last couple of months and have got some of my favourite fabric lines all stashed and ready to go!

I'm planning on attending more Grey Circles Workshops run by the lovely Karen & Manda as well as going on at least one quilting retreat this year! I've also booked the 11-14th August off work so I can head down to Birmingham for the Festival Of Quilts. Phew! Big plans, just hope I can pull them off!

This year also saw lots happening in our family, the first being at last 'Mr. G' and I tied the knot!!

We had a great time in Florida with all our closest family, it was brilliant!

I took the plunge into the addictive world of Blythe::

I bought this Candy Carnival whom we named Boo! Since then I've acquired 3 more girls who I really need to photograph, another post maybe!

The little people have really grown both in the literal sense and in their personalities. 'Master M' really shocked us when he announced he wanted his locks cutting off just before Christmas!

And 'Little Miss H' well what can I say?! She is constant source of worry and amusement all at the same time! Moving her schools seems to have been the right choice, even though it was distressing for me, she seems to love it. My 'Little Miss H' appears happier, louder, more vocal, her speech is better and she just loves going on the school bus each morning!! No longer a stressed out, teary, quiet child - hooray!!

Finally, in terms of my personal life there are just a couple of wishes for 2011. 

I really need to lose some weight and I really want another baby! Mmmm, those wishes are a bit contradictory aren't they?? After miscarrying in late November though it really highlighted how much we both wanted another Henshaw around the place!

So here's looking forward to a crafty, productive 2011 with lots of quilts made and even more good times with my great family!

Wishing you all a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Like My New Look?

So I've spent quite a chunk of today working on my new blog layout, I hope you like it!

I wanted it to be cleaner and simpler and I think I've acheived what I wanted, though no doubt knowing me, I'll be tweaking it for a few days yet!

I've also been working on my photo editing and enhancing skills and so will show you a few more Christmas shots of my family!

'Little Miss H' rockin' out to the Paper Jams Guitar that 'Master M' received!

My lovely little Nan whom I thought I'd share with you seen as though I've been harping on about her quilt for so long!!

Yes a rare picture of moi! Already devouring books on my much wanted Kindle. Thanks soooo much 'Mr. G'.

And finally a shot of 'Master M'. Can you spot the change? I was so traumatised but knew the day would come eventually......

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you had a really great day!

We had one of the best yet I think. The highlight of which was the whole family partaking in Glee Karaoke and Michael Jackson dancing on the Wii!! Hilarious. I kid you not!

This was the pile of presents under our tree on Christmas morning! There were lots as you can see!! Santa went a bit mad again - I blame the grandparents!!

I managed to make 'Master M' a Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve but unfortunately ran out of time to make 'Little Miss H' one! She used the one I made myself earlier in December and I'm going to whip her one up early in November 2011, I've diarised it you know!! I'll make 'Mr. G's' at the same time in a blue Treefall design stylie!

Can you see the gorgeous linen mice peeking out of the top of the stockings? Well they're from Beth who works under the name 'The Linen Cat'. Those who have been reading my blog for a while will know just how much I adore her work, we have several of her pieces and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings from her. If you don't know her work or blog already, I encourage you to check her out!!

Finally I'd like to show you the last of my finished hand made presents, everything I gave that was hand made went down a storm and I'll be doing it again next year for sure! 

Here's my Nan's lap quilt::

My Nan loved it! Bless her she'd bought a slankie blanket thingy that was huge on her (she's shrinking bless her, well she is 91!) So she loved this quilt for  snuggling under when watching TV,after we'd explained what it was!!!!

Anyway I want to point out that if it was not for the lovely I'm a Ginger Monkey, this quilt may not have been finished. My binding needs more practice and because I needed it to be perfect, Katy invited me to her house so she could help me/teach me/sew the binding on for me! I am eternally grateful and my little ones loved playing at her house with her youngest and keep asking to go back!

Now this lovely travel wallet I made for the little peoples childminder. I used the tutorial on the Seamstar blog and it turned out great! 

I made this because Lindsay is hopefully, fingers crossed, going to New York today to see one of her daughters get married at the Empire State building on New Years Eve. I do so hope that they can fly and that the wedding isn't cancelled. Fingers Crossed.

So before we see the New Year in, I plan another post looking forwards and back at my sewing achievements and plans for 2011. I'm hoping to tweek the blog a little (again) and streamline it somewhat. 

PS: If you're in need of a fabric fix, check out the great giveaway over at Retro Mummy


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lots of lovely sewing!

Lovely sewing is becoming a bit of recurrent theme on here of late! Thank the lord because that's why I started this little old blog of mine!!!!

So Saturday gone saw me spending the most lovely, relaxing, fabric filled sewtastic day with some bloggy friends (old and new) of mine! I attended a Grey Circles workshop hosted by Karen and Manda, at Karen's lovely home. There were just three of us who attended, Judi, Crissy and myself which made for a very relaxed affair, just right for a Saturday!

During the workshop we made beautiful Christmas stockings Treefall Design stylie, here's mine::

We had a lovely lunch of homemade soups with bread and cheese and lots of coffee and cake! The afternoon session saw us mastering the insertion of zips and producing lovely zipped pouches::

We got to bring home our wares and the girls also gave us a kit to make another pouch at home. 

There were lovely Fat Quarters for sale that had been supplied by Saints and Pinner, I treated myself to a Cloud 9 print that I'd been admiring! Manda had also got scrap packs for sale in red and blue so I grabbed one of each! I'm going to make Mr.G a Christmas stocking from the blues.

Please check out Karen's, Manda's and Judi's reviews of the fabby day! Grey Circles are planning more workshops with details being released in the New Year so keep your eye's firmly peeled here for more details!!

Finally for today I wanted to show you these great handmade labels I ordered from Michele. 

I'm going to use them on my quilts in 2011! You can find Michele here, here and here!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sewing Up A Frenzy!

So my sewing frenzy I'm happy to say, has continued in earnest over the past couple of snowed in days! Inbetween entertaining the little people, who I must say by this point have got serious cabin fever, I've been finally stitching up some of the 1.5" hexies I've been making on and off for the past few months.

Now I've been struggling with what to make out of these hexies as they are truly mis-matched and scrappy in style, then, inspiration struck whilst cleaning up the dogs chewed to bits bed for the 4th time yesterday!! Yes I'm going to make them into a doggy quilt for the kitchen floor!!!

So here's where I was at yesterday morning::

Not the best photo as the light was rubbish and the Cath Kidston flowery ironing board cover is not the best background!!! Since this picture was taken of these two joined hexie flowers I have since added another five! The light's still not that good so I'll take a decent photo tomorrow so you can see, promise!

I've also made another scarf as a Christmas present, same script as before: Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel, tutorial from Seamstar!

Now the recipient of this scarf is the mummy of my little bridesmaid at my wedding this summer, the scarf is made from the same fabric design as the bridesmaids dress so is extra special for her. Awww! She's going to love it!

I've also finished the lap sized quilt top for my Nan for Christmas! Woop woop check me out!!

The fabric used is 'Dream On' and is made from about 9 FQ with enough left over to piece into the back, I'm thinking a 1.5" hexie band across the width of the quilt? The finished quilt will be 44" x 44" and backed in Bella Solids, light grey and bound in Kona Banana, thanks Mandy and Katy for helping me choose on Twitter this morning!!

I'll leave you with this picture of 'Little Miss H' dancing whilst watching Take That Circus DVD for the umpteenth time this week. Love it!!

So off Christmas shopping this afternoon, catch y'all later!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome Snowy December!

So it's from under snowfall like we've not seen for a longtime that I'm writing this blog post! I hope you're all having fun, keeping warm and not getting too stressed out by the current weather conditions!

I've been taking advantage of not having to leave the house and have started my Christmas gift sewing in earnest. I pledged to myself a couple of months ago that I would have a handmade Christmas this year and have managed to think of handmade gifts for everyone, I just hope I can pull it off in time!!!

So my 1st batch of sewing was lavender bags in pretty Cath Kidston fabric.

I bundle these up with ribbon in stacks of three and write a handmade luggage tag. They go down a storm everytime I make them for friends and family! I've got another 6 made but ran out of lavender so had to order more! I think I'll do these for teachers gifts this year too.

Master M also helped write some of the tags and fill the bags with lavender, he loves getting involved in making things.

He's also lost his 1st tooth this last week! My little man is getting to be a big boy now. Boo hoo!

I've also made the 1st of a couple of circle scarves using Anna Maria Horner voile and flannel, they're so lovely, soft and cosy! I followed a tutorial from Courtney over at the Seamstar blog which is super quick and easy, I'm going to finish making the other one this evening.

In non-sewing news my new found addiction to Blythe is growing. I am now the proud owner of 3 dolls with another one arriving before Christmas. Yay! This is the first 2, Boo (wearing the hat) and Betty.

I haven't staged any photo's with my 3rd girl Ryder what with everything that's been going on but I promise there will be pictures soon!

Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails after my last post, it means a lot to me it really does.

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