Monday, 30 January 2012


Hooray I've completed 3 of 9 blocks for my Swoon quilt!! I'm really proud of this achievement as I've had a funny old couple of weeks with my health, I really dislike these last few weeks of pregnancy and I must admit I'm struggling with it.

Anyhow here is block #3

And block #2

And block #1

I've also completed the centre patchwork square for the Made In Cherry Quilt-A-Long and will be sewing the points up today so it will be magically transformed into a star!

We've been busy on the baby front too. I've had acupuncture to try and relieve the pain I'm in, which I'm pleased to say has worked and has eased it somewhat. 

We've also had a little buying spree this weekend. This is just some of it, we got a mobile for the crib, a changing mat and more vests!

We're also in full nesting mode and have cleared the kitchen/diner out to be redecorated, including ripping the floor up and laying a stone tiled floor!!! It was originally that putrid magnolia colour they paint all new houses in, we're going for white walls throughout that will highlight our bright appliances and handmade goodies.

Finally as a little treat to myself I've booked myself onto an English Paper Piecing course been run by the the lovely Katy of Monkey Do. I figured that when the baby arrives it might be easier to get some handsewing done until we get in a routine!! Check out the details here, be quick mind, I think there's only one place left......

Monday, 23 January 2012

Fairytale finish...

At last the Fairytale quilt has been finished and handed to my niece!! Her face was a picture when she saw it, excited doesn't even come close!!

The quilting was completed in simple organic straight lines and when washed and dried the quilt measured up at approx. 48" square. The fairytale pictures are cut from a panel by Alexander Henry, surrounded by pastel coloured strips from a Bella Solids jelly roll. The top and bottom sashing is scallop stripes called Caitlin I think, again from Alexander Henry and the side sashing is cute sausage dogs and I really can't remember who they're by - sorry!

Here it is on the sofa as it was really bad weather outside!!

And here's one of my niece snuggled underneath her quilt:

Apologies for the poor picture quality, we really couldn't get a photo shoot set up outside due to the weather so these were taken on my SIL mobile and sent to me later that evening as I'd completely forgot to take my proper camera!! 

I also came home with this rocking chair that my SIL had thrifted for me earlier in the month:

picture taken using Instagram App for iPhone with Nashville filter
It just needs a lick of grey paint and a comfy cushion making for it and it'll be perfect for when the baby arrives, who was also lucky enough to receive this in the post over the weekend too:

picture taken using Instagram app for iPhone with Toaster filter
Its a beautiful Cashmere bear from my talented friend Beth of The Linen Cat. If you haven't heard of her before please do go and check out her website as her work is fabulous - we're huge fans here!!

Finally for today (after a busy weekend that included Saturday's day out to Bridlington visiting family and Sunday spent at Ikea, swimming lessons, erecting wardrobes and laying a new kitchen floor, phew), we decided to have an easy tea at Pizza Hut. Here's a brilliant snap of my gang:

picture taken on iPhone with no filter
Hope you all have a great week - I'm going to be doing lots of sewing!! What about you?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

unexpected gifts....

Last week sometime my friend Jen who blogs here, made a fabulous cape for one of her boys! Her blogging of this coincided nicely with 'Master M' bringing home this terms topic homework, what should be on there but make a costume for a prince or princess.....

I tweeted Jen and asked where she got the pattern and being the kind gal she is she not only photocopied the pattern for me but sent me the pattern on pattern paper too! 

I was so surprised when I opened my package that she had also included these lovely goodies too:

photo taken using Instagram App on iPhone
There was a yummy lavender bag, hair clips for 'Little Miss H' and a crayon roll too! As I'm sure you can imagine I'm now only left with a lavender bag!!!!

This last couple of days has also seen me piece my 1st Swoon block:

photo taken using Instagram App on iPhone
And last night I finished the Fairytale Quilt ready for delivery today! It's in the wash as I type!!

photo taken using Instagram App on iPhone
I'll do a full Ta Dah! post on the quilt when I have some better pictures and all the statistics sorted out!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

stacks & stacks

Well this year is whizzing by me in a daze! I can't keep up there's that much going on! 

I had fully intended to blog over the weekend but 'Little Miss H' ended up in hospital with a nasty Urinary Tract Infection, she was having terrors, refusing to wee and drink and it was all very stressful. The stress then caused me to have a case of serious Braxton Hicks and by Sunday evening I was convinced this baby was going to appear!!! Anyway, he hasn't and 'Little Miss H' is on the mend thank goodness!!

I've spent all this week cutting fabric for the silly amount of quilts I'm making. First up is my nearly completely cut stack for the Swoonalong on Katy's blog.

I'm hoping to get 1 or 2 of the blocks pieced this afternoon - excited about that I am!

Then I have cut 180 3.5" squares for the Made in Cherry QAL plus 20 3.7/8" squares that were turned into 40 triangles!

Next up are the 284 2.5" squares for the Bust Yo Scraps QAL. I must confess I cheated here and just raided Katy's pre-cut stash of squares as I could not face any more cutting - my poor pregnant back!

I've also started the cutting of 10" squares for a lap quilt for 'Master M' in Dr. Seuss fabrics, he's been begging me for so long I kinda feel guilty I've been neglecting his needs.

I've had to get organised in my storage of all these projects!!

Even my yarn projects come neatly stacked these days....

Well all I need to do now is decide how I'm going to divvy up my sewing time!! Should I just work on a quilt until its finished then start the next one or have a dedicated time per week for each project??

Let me know what you'd do!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

QAL's, Fabric & Crochet

In all honesty I've not quite got my sewing thing on yet this year. I'm finding it hard been so tired and pregnant so instead I've been stalking the postie waiting for my pre-Christmas fabric orders to arrive!!

Here they are in all their glory. I just love me some fabric shopping!

I've also decided that I need to use up my stash of Creative Cotton Rico yarns and make the baby a blanket for when Hunter arrives! I've decided on a simple granny square blanket and I used this tutorial to help me along. I'm using the gorgeous lined drawstring bag that Katy made me for christmas to store my supplies in for this project and I take it everywhere with me, just in case I get chance for some hooky!

In order to help with my sewing mojo I let that Katy talk me into joining not one but two quilt-a-longs!! 

The first is here and is making the fabulous 'Made in Cherry' quilt by Sarah Fielke with options to make a 60", 80" or 90" quilt - exciting eh??
pins & bobbins

The lovely Chelsea will be posting the first official post on the 13th January and you can also find the Flickr group here.

The second is here and is making the very popular and gorgeous Swoon quilt top by Camille Roskelly.

So if you're like me and in need of inspiration - hop on board too because as we all know 'the more the merrier!'
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