Thursday 12 January 2017


As ever the New Year makes you think about a fresh start and what you want to achieve. When I look back on 2016 the achievement in my work life was huge but creatively I really suffered, I hardly made a thing and I miss sewing.

For this reason my 2017 word of the year, my mantra, is

 I need to create and be creative in order to keep myself balanced and focused. My work life is getting busier and my children need lots of my time too, so eeeking out moments of creativity are really what I need to be doing to keep me happy! Otherwise it all just gets a bit stressful this life malarky, don't you think?

Over the festive period I was struck down with Flu, so we pretty much just had PJ days the whole time the kids were off school! I managed to get some sewing in which has already made a difference to my well being.

These are blocks from a Block of the Month club I signed up to in 2012, I'm getting this quilt finished as a priority! I've now made 5/12 block and have a further 2 blocks cut out and ready to sew.I'm hoping it will all come together quite fast as I have the quilt finishing kit and the backing kit too.

I've also been doing a lot of work on my English Paper Piecing projects. I've been working on the Patchwork of the Crosses BOM all year and had got a few months behind, I've managed to catch up a couple of months in the last few weeks so I'm very happy!

This is just one month worth of blocks so as you can see it's quite labour and time consuming but I really do love it.

I've also started working on a La Passacaglia paper pieced project too, it's going to be made in really modern fussy cut fabrics which are in total contrast to the gorgeous Liberty fabrics used in the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.

So having had a good start to the year, lets hope it continues and I can crank up my productivity and get my sewing fixes!

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday 13 November 2016

The Smalls

This past week has been all about the smalls!

Jett has been so poorly, we've spent a day in hospital and what feels like the rest of the week cuddled up on the sofa with bronchilitis. Thankfully he's now much better.

Hunter on the other hand has wowed us all with his handwriting, he just loves writing and practices every day. His teacher has rewarded him with 'Star of the Week' for his beautiful handwriting, he was so proud of himself.

We also got Hunter's first school photo this week, how cute?

With Jett been so poorly the only sewing I've managed has been hand sewing. I've worked on both my Patchwork of the Crosses BOM and my New Hexagon Millefiori quilt too.

PS: I know the bottom hexie is on upside down, I've corrected that now! D'Oh!

Looking forward to more sewing time this week!

Tuesday 8 November 2016

It seems I have been sewing....

This year it feels to me like I haven't done much in the way of creating and this pains me, it really does. 

I feel like I have been lost in a flurry of business growth and parenting and trust me when I say there has been no room for anything else, Ha!

Looking back through the images on my iPhone I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I've managed to complete over the last couple of months.

These are my most favourite make of the year so far! They were commissioned by Quilt Now magazine, I supersized my favourite quilt blocks to make this trio of cushions.

The fabrics are all from Aneela Hoey's Foxglove Collection for Cloud 9 Fabrics which I just adore. 

Another of my projects landed in Quilt Now recently too, a quick and easy improv quilt in Halloween fabrics. A perfect weekend make, suitable for beginners too.

I used another of my favourite collections this year, Boo! from Cotton + Steel fabrics. 

I've also made a couple of swap items for my friend Amanda, she was my Secret Sewer partner whilst we were on retreat. {Did you know my business also runs a yearly sewing retreat?}

I made the very gorgeous Makers Tote another great pattern from Anna Noodlehead.

In my rush to hand this gift over I never took any of my own photo's of it, so I've nabbed this one from Amanda's Instagram feed!

I made the bag mainly in Carolyn Friedlander fabrics as they are Amanda's favourite and some co-ordinating Sprinkle by Cotton + Steel. 

I also made her this sweet scissor case in Elizabeth Hartman Paintbox Basics fabrics, which I love!

I think next year I really want to make more things for the home and for my kids.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Some knitting ......

With Autumn well and truly upon us it seems that I am knitting more and more. Since sewing and quilting has become a very busy career choice for me, I have turned to yarn for my hobby and for relaxation.

Since my Sock Knitting course at Baa Ram Ewe in April, I've got the hang of socks and am just about to complete my third pair!


This gorgeous pair is the simple Vanilla Latte pattern which I think all sock knitters have made at the start of their sock knitting journey! I'm making mine in the squishiest Manos Del Uruguay Alegria that I got from Baa Ram Ewe, aren't the colours awesome?

I've also got a shawl on the needles too, it's my first one so I chose a simple colour blocked design over a more traditional lace shawl. Here is the start of it, I'm just about to add in the second colour which is a charcoal grey, almost black yarn.

The pattern is from Ravelry and is the Ashburn Shawl, it's a real simple knit that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to give knitting a shawl a go. 

I was introduced to Coop Knits at Yarndale last month and her sock patterns and yarn are just amazing, she really inspired me to try some different patterns so I bought one of her books to expand my repertoire! I'm convinced they're too difficult for me but a couple of knitting friends have promised they will help if I get stuck!!

Here's to remembering to blog more, sew more and knit more! 

Monday 8 August 2016

FW1930'sQAL - Block 91 Sarah

After a few hitches on the technical front this morning I am at last posting my final guest post on the #fw1930sqal.

This week sees everyone sewing Block 91 which is Sarah #sarahblock #fw91sarah

There are no tips to share as this is such a simple block and after a years worth of farming these cute 6" paper pieced blocks, I'm quite sure you all found this a breeze to sew just as I did! I paper pieced it and followed the instructions as set.

It's been a great year working on this project and I've seen some awesome blocks over on Instagram, next time you have a cuppa why not look through the hashtag..... #fw1930sqal. You'll be bowled over by the amazing fabric choices people have made, trust me!

I've still got a long way to go to complete my blocks so I'll continue blogging my progress, probably over another 12 months! The 2 blocks per week was just not viable for me but I'm aiming for a block per week here on in. 

I do hope you've all enjoyed sewing along.

Why not pop over to Kerry's blog to see her amazing blocks this week


Saturday 30 July 2016

Fun Fun Fun!!

As ever I'm not getting much personal sewing time just now but looking back through my phone's camera roll, I'm getting lots of time with my kiddos instead so I can't complain!

The sewing that I am managing to get done is mainly by hand, I'm still working away on my 'The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt', Rosette 3 is very nearly complete with the addition of these cute hexies.

I've also started working on my 'Whirlygig' quilt after been inspired by Sarah Fielke's recent visit to my shop to teach! I loved having the chance to work and hang out with my utter quilt hero!

I'm also slowly but surely catching up on my Patchwork of the Crosses Block of the Month too, this is such an amazing quilt, I've even bought the add on kit to make it bigger!!

Jessie's choice of fabrics, especially the Liberty fabrics used are so amazing don't you think?? The BOM is going to be running again next year if you missed out on this one! Head over to Jessie's website Sew & Quilt to find out more!

Sunday 19 June 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt-Along | Block 78 Old Maid

I've been really slacking on my Farmer's Wife blocks I've got to admit... but knowing I was guest posting today means I've pulled my finger out and started farming again!

Block 78 Old Maid is one of my favourite quilt blocks, I love how simple it is to piece and yet how striking it looks. I love that you can really let your colour play go wild and create blocks that have totally different feels just by changing up your colour choices!

There are a few tips I can offer, first is be organised! Once my pattern and fabrics are cut {I'm paper piecing most of my blocks} I use a wonder clip to hold the relevant sections together.

As you'll notice from the photo's above I also colour in my block diagram and mark my pattern so I know which colours go where when I'm sewing the pieces together.

My next tip is to use a Sewline glue pen to glue your first piece of fabric down. I also don't always follow the numbers on the pattern with regard the order of piecing. As you can see in the photo below I'm starting from the centre and working outwards as it will eliminate any difficult angles to piece.

I piece all my sections first before giving them a good press, I find that this helps your accuracy when piecing the block together.

At this stage it is important to make sure all your fabric is placed correctly and that their are no errors.

Piecing the block together should be a doddle now! Make sure you pin the intersections so you don't lose any points and so everything is straight.

As you can see I went for the classic red and aqua combination which will sit well with my other bright and modern blocks.

Please tag your blocks on Instagram so we can all have a look! Use #fw1930sqal #farmerswifeblock #fw78farmerswife

You can find out all about the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along on Kerry's blog.
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