Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sewing {Confessions}

At last a little sewing!!

I whipped these two mug rugs up last week when I was in need of a quick project to kick my lost mojo's ass! I used some of my tiny stash of Flea Market Fancy on one and the gorgeous Lecien Flower Sugar on the other. One of the rugs is clearly still in need of binding but that will be done today. Promise. Here are the backs::

Though I haven't done much sewing lately. I have *squirms in seat* apparently done plenty of fabric buying. Ooops!

The above are all from Fabric Rehab here in the UK and have been bought with specific small sewing projects in mind. The solids are really gorgeous and I can see me going back for more of them.

This little lot is from Fabricworm in the USA. They tempted me with 30% of AMH voile which I've bought to make me a scarf and I just figured I should get me some pips before they are no more!! I was paying the postage anyway.

This bounty is from my lovely friend Kerri who has a great fabric shop on Etsy called SewDeerlyLoved. Kerri is my first port of call when I'm looking for fabric that's not available in the UK. The yardage of Hideaway to the left of the shot is to back a quilt I'm making as a picnic rug using the dresden circles QAL on Lily's Quilts, I'm using a Hideaway Layer Cake for the front. Now I'm sure you'll all be thinking 'but Hideaway is available in the UK' wich it is but its between £10-£12/m and I paid just £5/yd from the USA. Ridiculous I know. Again as I was already paying the postage I ordered some stash builders as well.

Now this next haul was pure genius. Trust me. Having moved house last year and being the lazy people we are, 'Mr. G' and I finally opened and looked in the last packing box that was unpacked in our bedroom. Clearly we were expecting clothes we could charity shop (come on we hadn't missed them for a year!) What we found in and amongst were these:

It gets better. The following shots are of yardage. There's at least 3m of each!

Can you beleive I had 3m of Momo I had forgotten about?? It was like Christmas, I was screaming with joy. 'Mr. G' was amused, the kids thought I was mental. Confession over!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Family Fun...

Happy Easter everyone!

Seen as I worked Good Friday and yesterday and especially considering me and the kids were away on holiday for the best part of last week, I had in my mind, planned to spend this morning washing & cleaning the house. Yuk. This would of course have left me free to reacquaint myself with my neglected sewing machine this afternoon. Yeah right!

'Mr. G' got his backside out of bed late and then demanded I find an outdoor activity that we could do today. After much debating about whether anywhere would be open on Easter Sunday we stumbled across (with the help of google) the falconry centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. One phone call to establish they were open and off we went.

Here's my gang waiting in the sunshine for the falconry display to start. (And yes that is a chocolate milk moustache 'Little Miss H' is sporting!)

Now Ethel & Boris what can I say - I'm in love. Ethel the White Headed Vulture was the cutest, funniest dangerous bird I've ever seen. Period. It really was a great day out that I can highly recommend. The little people and 'Mr. G' all had their turns handling birds.

The weather was glorious and a great day out was had, we'll definitley be visiting this little gem again.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Sorry its been a while but we're on a little spontaneous unplanned holiday! Woo Hoo!

Seen as the weather forecast was sooo good for this week we decided (that is me and the kids decided) we were packing up and coming to Bridlington for some much needed rest and relaxation. We're camping out at my neices house and having a ball with her my sister-in-law and all our kids.

'Little Miss H' enjoying a ham 'sand' wich on the beach yesterday!

Trust mine to be the one that gets soaked through!! This is 'Master M' with my SIL's foster kids.

Here's 'Little Miss H' with my neice's daughter Carys in front and my SIL's foster daughter Demi. This was taken on the cliff tops at Sewerby on Monday.

Finally here's 'Master M' and Demi hand in hand walking home. So cute! They've been inseperable this week and are a good influence on each other which has meant for a calm week so far!

So we're heading home tomorrow as I'm working on Friday and Saturday. Normal crafting will resume as soon as I'm home. Boy I'm missing my sewing machine...

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Definitive 5 : {Listography}

This is a really fun post inspired by Kate over on a new (to me) blog I came across just yesterday!

Its my definitive 5, you know the list that I would if the opportunity arose, 'Mr. G' is well aware of this list, in fact he has his own definitive 5!! 

The idea is taken from the Friends episode where Ross has his own laminated list of 5! Ross being Ross takes into account the likelihood of bumping into his 5, I haven't, they're simply my all time fave 5 (for now of course!).

So here goes people - prepare to swoon!!!

1. Aidan Turner
This guy is just hot. Simple. 
Courtesy of tvmag.com
courtesy of geekygirlslovescifi.blogspot.com
 2. Jason Orange
He always been my favourite member of Take That. Since they formed. So there.
courtesy of hello magazine
courtesy of insomniacmummy.blogspot.com
3. Edward Cullen
I am so Team Edward it's untrue. Yes I am aware he's a tad young. But what?!

courtesy of photobucket
courtesy of fantasy books & movies.com
 4. Channing Tatum
Again a tad young but my word he's pretty. And he can dance. Enough said.


5. Marcus Mumford
I love Mumford & Sons and this guy, can't put my finger on it! His voice & musical ability probably!!

So there you have it. Listography!!! Join in the fun over at Kates blog!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Final Call

So yesterday saw 'Little Miss H' perform for the final time in her drama club.

This is no ordinary drama club, this is a club especially for children with Down syndrome. This is a place where children with Down syndrome can grow in confidence, develop their speech and acting skills but most importantly it is a place where they can have fun and make friends that are like them.

This drama club has had to close because of lack of funding. Typical. Bids are in to various places to secure more funding but the group has closed until at least September. Poo. Poo.

So last night was a chance for parents to watch what happens behind the closed doors of the 'Up Club'. Trust me this was an amazing thing to see. 'Little Miss H' has been going to 'Up club' for a year and never, I mean NEVER have we seen what happens! We only know that our little girl has grown lots, since taking classes here.

 So here they all are warming up. That's my two there with their backs to the camera - oh I forgot to say last night siblings were able to join in too, 'Master M' was most pleased!

Oh dear! A touch of stage fright. This is why the club usually runs behind closed doors, she doesn't do this if we're not there.

Singing the 'Up Club' song with some assistance by Kim who runs the theatre group. Again this eyes closed and hiding business is all because I'm there! I've heard 'Little Miss H' through a closed door belting this song out at previous sessions!!

'Master M' really enjoyed his turn at singing!

The night for me though was made by a miming piece that 'Little Miss H' and one of her friends did entitled 'The Park Bench'.

Can you see the book is upside down?? Her mask had slipped and she couldn't see!!! She carried on regardless though in the true spirit of acting.

The story unfolded as 'Little Miss H's' character sat reading on the park bench. A gardener who was sweeping up near her kept leaving things on the bench that she picked up and put in her basket. The final thing was a lovely red engagement ring and off the couple trotted into the sunset. Very lovely as well as highly hilarious due to 'Little Miss H' not been able to see properly and having to feel for the love tokens on the bench!!!!

We're all really saddened that the club has had to close for now. It feels like those who need funding the most are losing it left right and centre at the moment with all the current cut-backs. 

It's difficult for disabled kids to access main stream groups as there is just a huge lack of understanding and support and often their self-esteem takes a knock as they simply can't keep up. Groups like this offer disabled kids a chance to be themselves in a setting where they can succeed. There should be more of this, not less.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This, That & The Other

There's not been that much sewing going on around here this last couple of weeks, I really feel like I've lost my mojo. I don't like the feeling of not being able to be bothered to sew - I've even gone so far as getting my trusty machine out and still nothing. I'm putting it down to grief and the stress from work (which has been awful this last couple of weeks, on top of the grief and emotions I'm still trying to work out after my friend died)
Anyhow today I felt much brighter and am going to sew this evening when the little people are asleep. To show you that I haven't completely lost the plot here are a few snaps of what I've been up to::

'Master M' and I are really getting into this baking business. We've baked every week for the last month, I even had to buy new cake tins to store it all in!

From the same shop I also bought this lovely jug::

It's a local shop and is just great for shabby chic styled home goods, I get lots of goodies there!! On the spending front I also seem to have acquired some more stash::

This little lot are from Fabric Rehab which is really good for quirky prints and japanese stuff. From the bottom is: Little Red Robot from Kokka, Vintage Sewing Patch, a linen/cotton mix again from Kokka and the top two are just so cute! They are from a Moda collection called Max & Whiskers and I love them! I love them so much I just ordered more in a different colourway!!

This little lot is mainly from Fabric Worm, USA. The Hello Kitty is to die for and was bought to back a quilt I'm making for my neice and the FQ stack is Robotics by Ingrid Slyder which I got to use in a quilt for 'Master M'. The final fabric is called Happy Hills and is from Fabric Rehab, I just thought this was cute!!

I've also been making good progress with this::

The back of my tank top is nearly complete. I'd never have dreamed in a million years I could knit but thanks to Helen who owns my LYS - I can!! Even better I'm meeting the girls who were on the beginners knitting course with me, at said yarn shop for a knit and a natter over coffee tomorrow morning - perfect!!

Finally I just wanted to mention a couple of important charity things that are happening out in blogland. Firstly there is Modern Relief:: 

This has been organised by some wonderfully talented quilters who have got together to raffle off a huge amount of quilts for the disaster efforts in Japan. It's a great opportunity to donate to a very needy cause and be in with the chance of winning an amazing quilt too! Please click on the icon to find out more and to buy your ticket.

My lovely friend Louise over at Sew Scrumptious is also coordinating efforts for a charity who deliver handmade pillowcase dresses for little girls living in poverty around the world. Basically we just need to use some of our silly amounts of fabric stash to make a simple yet beautiful dress for a little girl in need. Again please click on the link to take you to Louise's blog where you can find out more and hopefully sign up!

Girls in Haiti wearing their new dresses! Photo from dressagirlaroundtheworld.com


We Have A Winner!

Just a quick post my lovlies to announce the winner of my Sherbet Pips & Fat Quarterly giveaway!!

Mr. Random Generator had to choose between no's 1 - 53 and he chose no 51.

MrsShilts said...
I love all the fabric from Seamstar so can't whittle it down to just one item. I do especially love the habdash section as you can get all your bits and bobs without leaving the comfort of your living room...fab!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Fresh Sewing Day......

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

So my friend Lynne of the lovely 'Lily's Quilts' is having a sponsored feature on the 1st of each month where you can post about your favourite sewing project that month, there's also a chance to win a FQ stack from the sponsors - Woo Hoo!

For me March was all about Wonky Stars! I'm going at a slower pace than the QAL on Kerry's blog but the quilt top is very nearly complete and I hope to finish it this weekend. 

I just have 2 more blocks to do to complete the top and then I can get the quilt finished for 'Little Miss H'.

In other news I've signed up for a couple more quilty type things that are happening in blogland! 

First up is Naked Beds! This is been hosted by the very lovey Sarah Fielke and Cara (see button in side bar for more details) and basically gives you 2 months from April 2nd to get a quilt top pieced for your own bed. I'm going to use this as the kick up the backside I need to piece my blocks received from my month in Fresh Modern Bee 2.

Second up is another Mug Rug Swap - Yay!! This is been hosted by the lovely Brie of Little Creatables. The sign-ups are now closed but you can check out the flickr group to see what everyone's making over the next month. 

Finally.... Have you seen the Bottled Rainbows QAL over on Rachel's lovely blog - Stitched in Colour? Check out the button in my side bar for more details. This is something on the back burner for me just now but I will definately be making one of these quilts later in the year!

**Oh & by the way please just ignore the rubbish look of my blog just now as it is currently undergoing a professional make-over which will be revealed in the next week or so!**
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