Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Family Fun...

Happy Easter everyone!

Seen as I worked Good Friday and yesterday and especially considering me and the kids were away on holiday for the best part of last week, I had in my mind, planned to spend this morning washing & cleaning the house. Yuk. This would of course have left me free to reacquaint myself with my neglected sewing machine this afternoon. Yeah right!

'Mr. G' got his backside out of bed late and then demanded I find an outdoor activity that we could do today. After much debating about whether anywhere would be open on Easter Sunday we stumbled across (with the help of google) the falconry centre in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. One phone call to establish they were open and off we went.

Here's my gang waiting in the sunshine for the falconry display to start. (And yes that is a chocolate milk moustache 'Little Miss H' is sporting!)

Now Ethel & Boris what can I say - I'm in love. Ethel the White Headed Vulture was the cutest, funniest dangerous bird I've ever seen. Period. It really was a great day out that I can highly recommend. The little people and 'Mr. G' all had their turns handling birds.

The weather was glorious and a great day out was had, we'll definitley be visiting this little gem again.


  1. Lovely post Justine! Looks like you all had a fab day. Your son look a lot like my step son, Louis. I had to do a double take when I saw him. xx

  2. Looks like a great day. Happy Easter!

  3. What a lovely day (shame about the house and sewing tho', but it is sometimes best to abandon them...or so I tell myself when John 'helpfully' suggests an unplanned trip!) - I love the vulture, she looks like a real character. Juliex

  4. I'm so impressed how brave your kids are! I could never hold a bird, so scared of them. Love Little Miss H's choccie moustache, sign of a good feast :)

  5. Looks great fun and I'm glad you went out instead of cleaning, I know what it's like to want to get on with things but if you've had our luck, the sun has gone back indoors so lucky you had fun whilst the sun was shining!

    Love the fabric in the next post, I have bought some of the same from FR for the little red riding hood mice - guess which one?



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