Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sewing {Confessions}

At last a little sewing!!

I whipped these two mug rugs up last week when I was in need of a quick project to kick my lost mojo's ass! I used some of my tiny stash of Flea Market Fancy on one and the gorgeous Lecien Flower Sugar on the other. One of the rugs is clearly still in need of binding but that will be done today. Promise. Here are the backs::

Though I haven't done much sewing lately. I have *squirms in seat* apparently done plenty of fabric buying. Ooops!

The above are all from Fabric Rehab here in the UK and have been bought with specific small sewing projects in mind. The solids are really gorgeous and I can see me going back for more of them.

This little lot is from Fabricworm in the USA. They tempted me with 30% of AMH voile which I've bought to make me a scarf and I just figured I should get me some pips before they are no more!! I was paying the postage anyway.

This bounty is from my lovely friend Kerri who has a great fabric shop on Etsy called SewDeerlyLoved. Kerri is my first port of call when I'm looking for fabric that's not available in the UK. The yardage of Hideaway to the left of the shot is to back a quilt I'm making as a picnic rug using the dresden circles QAL on Lily's Quilts, I'm using a Hideaway Layer Cake for the front. Now I'm sure you'll all be thinking 'but Hideaway is available in the UK' wich it is but its between £10-£12/m and I paid just £5/yd from the USA. Ridiculous I know. Again as I was already paying the postage I ordered some stash builders as well.

Now this next haul was pure genius. Trust me. Having moved house last year and being the lazy people we are, 'Mr. G' and I finally opened and looked in the last packing box that was unpacked in our bedroom. Clearly we were expecting clothes we could charity shop (come on we hadn't missed them for a year!) What we found in and amongst were these:

It gets better. The following shots are of yardage. There's at least 3m of each!

Can you beleive I had 3m of Momo I had forgotten about?? It was like Christmas, I was screaming with joy. 'Mr. G' was amused, the kids thought I was mental. Confession over!


  1. Woohoo! Great find! I remember finding a £5 note in an old purse when I was younger.....so exciting :-)

  2. Oh, what a nice find - I predict lots of nice projects in your future!

  3. Loving all of that fabric. It must be time for me to have another fabric splurge!!

  4. Oooh - lovely fabrics. I love that sausage dog fabric - I made some bunting for my friend's kids and that was their favourite on the ones I used..


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