Friday, 15 April 2011

The Definitive 5 : {Listography}

This is a really fun post inspired by Kate over on a new (to me) blog I came across just yesterday!

Its my definitive 5, you know the list that I would if the opportunity arose, 'Mr. G' is well aware of this list, in fact he has his own definitive 5!! 

The idea is taken from the Friends episode where Ross has his own laminated list of 5! Ross being Ross takes into account the likelihood of bumping into his 5, I haven't, they're simply my all time fave 5 (for now of course!).

So here goes people - prepare to swoon!!!

1. Aidan Turner
This guy is just hot. Simple. 
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 2. Jason Orange
He always been my favourite member of Take That. Since they formed. So there.
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3. Edward Cullen
I am so Team Edward it's untrue. Yes I am aware he's a tad young. But what?!

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 4. Channing Tatum
Again a tad young but my word he's pretty. And he can dance. Enough said.


5. Marcus Mumford
I love Mumford & Sons and this guy, can't put my finger on it! His voice & musical ability probably!!

So there you have it. Listography!!! Join in the fun over at Kates blog!!


  1. Well you can have these 5, haha because I really don't fancy any of them :) I think I would put Johnny Depp, Russel Crowe and Brad Pitt in my top five, I'm sure I would be in their top 5 too if they would know me ;)

  2. Hmmm....I must be really old because I like Robert Redford and Pierce Brosnan LOL!

  3. I'm afraid I'd have to fight you for Edward Cullen. I used to love Jason too, but I'm more of a Howard girl these days! ;o)

  4. Mark Wahlberg has been my movie star boyfriend forever (he had me at Calvin Klein).

  5. Oo I saw Mumfords a couple of months ago. Keyboard player for me please.Maybe we could do a double date...

  6. Brilliant!
    I used to be a Jason girl too but these days it's
    Howard.......why is that?
    Great post :-)


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