Monday, 12 July 2010

Wish Us Luck!!!

I've decided that this will be my last post before we jet off for the states on Friday! I had really hoped for much more posting in the build up to the wedding but time (as I'm sure you can imagine) is really not on my side!!

I had planned previews of the dresses and all sorts before we leave but alas it will not happen, partly because I feel like I'm rushing about simply getting everyone organised and mainly because true to form, I am already in holiday mode and simply cannot be bothered staging a photo shoot!!! Sorry people.

I really want to say 'THANKS SO MUCH' to all my lovely friends who have made and sent me a wedding gift for Mr. G - they are all brilliant and will be much loved, you know who you are. I will definitely do a post on the gifts when we return so everyone else can see your generosity too.

I am taking Mr. G's notebook on holiday so will be online but whether I have time to blog is a different matter, don't be surprised if I comment on blogs or indeed if I make a post.

Lots of love to you all and I hope you all have a lovely few weeks whislt I'm not around......

Friday, 9 July 2010

Check me out!

I've been busy getting crafty this evening and have been finishing off a few bits for my upcoming wedding. Here's a shot of rather a few yummy petals made from Anna Maria Horner voile that will be part of 'Little Miss H's' bridesmaid dress.

I took the photo with my new toy, yes I managed to eventually get an iphone 4 (hooray hooray) and there are a couple of amazing apps for it that change the style of your photo's - they are just fab believe me!

I've been testing the apps out on everyone! Here's one of 'Little Miss H' eating her tea::

 I just love how it looks vintage stylie. The app is called camerabag and I know I'll use it loads. I also took a photo of Kuma the Akita after she returned from her afternoon at the groomers!

How cool does that look?

Anyway back to the crafty business, I've also prepped some fabric scraps ready for making hexies with::


I should have a huge pile by the time I come home from the states - the picture is only about a 1/4 of my fabric prepped!!

Finally I've just finished off with a little hooky love - I really need to keep practising as I still don't find it easy::

Now which do you prefer vintage style or::

Bright style??

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday Stash #58

Some Lizzy House fabrics that I got in the Saints and Pinners sale this week!

Along with a scrappy spotty roll - fab!

Good Morning! (Yes, you're right, I'm on nights again!)

As mentioned earlier in the month I'm hosting this month's 'Show & Tell' on behalf of Josie-Mary, if you don't already read her blog you should do!

We decided that the theme this month should be your 'favourite song/CD'. 

Well this all sounds well and good doesn't it, unless you're me! As with last months theme (favourite book) once I started thinking about it I simply could not have just one favourite....Huh!

My wholelife has been shaped by music, I can remember events by the music I was into at that time, I am a music person as opposed to a TV person. I could quite happily live without a TV, but my iPod - oh no, no way!

So here goes a little historical journey into my favourite songs/CD's. You'll be surprised I'm sure, it's quite an eclectic mix......

First up - Take That! These guys shaped my love of music, from here on in I was hooked. I even took Mr. G to see the 'Circus' tour last year, after seeing it twice with the girlsYou could say they are my guilty pleasure!

Next up are another boy band (mmm) I just love Oasis! My love affair with these guys started in Uni and has never left me, I still try and catch them 'live' when I can and again took Mr. G to see them last year, (can you believe he'd never been to a gig until we started dating?)

More recently my love of 'bands' has cemented itself in my life once again, after spending most of my twenties in the ravey/dance mode!! More recent bands that I just listen to over and over include:

You see I told you it was quite a list!!

On top of that there's all the music that influenced me as I grew up.......

Oh dear this is quite a list and I've still not told you about my love of hip hop but I'm afraid that's another story for another post......

If you want to join in with some 'Show & Tell' fun, just grab the button from my side bar and keep an eye out for each months topic - next month is August 4th (I think) and will be favourite holiday....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

I think I have a problem!

Honestly its really beyond a joke now, though most of you have probably been thinking that for a long time!!

After spending the best part of the afternoon yesterday sorting and re-folding my stash (why can't I do that with the ironing pile?) you would have thought that I'd realise there really is no need to get any more fabric, I have more than enough for little old me. Huhum, here's what came today......

The very divine 'Play Date' from Patty Young. Here are some close ups of the prints, of which I got 1/2m each.


From left to right we have:: Gumdrops in lime, Pixie sticks in multi, Chinese lanterns in lime and Lollipop dreams in orange.

The next four prints:

From left to right:: Pretty flowers in lime, Squiggly stripe in pink, Lollipop dreams in orange and Goldfish in teal. Yum yum I adore it! This is certainly going to be turned into a quilt for 'Little Miss H' and more than likely I will use the New Wave pattern from the great blog Oh, Fransson! Especially after seeing the gorgeous quilt produced by Mandy using the same pattern, see here.

Now because I ordered two FQ bundles of the line, I got the matching doll panel free! There are three dolls printed onto the panel ready to sew up and dress accordingly, cute or what. Seamstar also currently have an offer where they give away a free mini bundle with every purchase over £20, because I've made two purchases this week I got this little lot in two mini bundles for zilch, that's right zero....


After seeing much hexie love in blogland of late (here, here & here, especially!) I thought I'd give it a go myself. I mentioned this to Courtney at Seamstar and asked if she'd save me some of her scraps. OMG look what she sent......

I so was not expecting all this, and when I properly looked through the pile look what I found.....

 I cannot believe she sent me 'Tufted Tweets' and the now discontinued 'Wonderland' by Momo which I know is her all time fave collection. There's loads of fabric for hexies which should keep me very busy!! 

{{Big Hugs Courtney}}

Look What I Can Do.....

I've just had a photoshop tutorial session with my lovely friend Dawn of Pop-i-Cok.

She is also the fabby lady who designed my blog header and other bits of graphics that will soon be used in the stationery that also matches my blog.

We're just having tea and biscuits so just a short post!

I will however try and post later this evening as I have received some goodies from Mr. Postman today - oh and I really should finish off the bridesmaids dresses!!!

Here's a taster.......

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