Thursday, 1 July 2010

Look What I Can Do.....

I've just had a photoshop tutorial session with my lovely friend Dawn of Pop-i-Cok.

She is also the fabby lady who designed my blog header and other bits of graphics that will soon be used in the stationery that also matches my blog.

We're just having tea and biscuits so just a short post!

I will however try and post later this evening as I have received some goodies from Mr. Postman today - oh and I really should finish off the bridesmaids dresses!!!

Here's a taster.......


  1. Your Postie is very busy. He's got something else for you, hopefully arriving tomorrow! EEeeekkkk! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  2. Justine - hurry up - you have a wedding and nothing to wear!

  3. @Amanda

    I'll be waiting by the door Amanda - I honestly cannot wait!! I may however wait and open on the big day with Mr. G! Thanks so much once again!

  4. @Mrs Yappy Dog

    I have got something to wear, don't panic Betty!!


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