Sunday, 30 May 2010

Crafty Sunday #4 & Sunday Stash #53

Due to work commitments I didn't get the chance to post last week for either Crafty Sunday or the Sunday Stash. I had every intention of making a last minute post late on Sunday evening when I got in, but had had such a busy day all I was fit for was bed!!

Well I'm in a similar prediciment this week as I've just got in from working last night and am working again tonight. So I've decided to delay going to bed and post now incase I don't get the chance later!

So first up is Crafty Sunday #4:

This week I've had a fairly productive week with two of these been the main product, see my post here.
I also want to show you the handmade element of the parcel I sent to Maryannlucy for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap last week. I couldn't enter them for Crafty Sunday the week they were made as clearly she hadn't received them yet!

I appliqued a store bought pot holder and tea towel with huge cupcakes and I also made a coffee cozy that snuggles round your take out coffee, protecting you from burnt hands, you can see this on the top right of the photo just above a cute hand sewn needlecase I made that has a donought on the front! I've also made the hand made element of the 'Fabric Addict' swap this week which again will be shown at a later date so as not to spoil the surprise for Bluberry Heart, who I'm partnered with.

Now onto Sunday Stash #53::

Well if you've read my blog this week you'll know I've had a little splurge on fabric. (Tee hee hee!) So here's a couple of shots of my yummy scrummy purchases, click here to find out what they all are.

Well thats all for now as I'm way too tired and could end up waffling big time. Believe me it's not a pretty sight. This weeks to do list looks like this:: finish bridesmaids dresses, finish apron for the Great Apron Swap 2010, finish 'Little Miss H's' ragdoll. Wish me luck!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

WIP: Bridesmaid Dresses....

Hooray Hooray! At last I have started the mammoth task of sewing 2 bridesmaids dresses and of course my own wedding dress. I've probably bitten off way more than I can chew but it's a bit late to stress now seen as though we fly in 7 weeks!!

This is the pattern I have gone for, its 'Emma' by Patty Young's Modkid Boutique.

I am however not going to be using Patty Young Fabrics as shown but will be using Anna Maria Horner fabric. I made this choice because the pattern calls for the use of voile to make the petals of the skirt and top and I thought this would be ideal for the scrummy yummy AMH voiles!

Here is the work in progress this morning, that's my sister-in-law to be giving me a hand whilst I take a WIP shot! She's been a great help to me with my sewing as she's a mean seamstress herself, oh and curtain maker extrodinaire! She's whipped up a great sundress for our holidays and has kindly agreed to whip me one up too before we go, yay!!

And here is a shot of the bodice of one of the dresses, we have actually made both bodices this morning, one for 'Little Miss H' and the other for my 2 year old neice 'Little Miss C'! Making these will be another little feather in my sewing bow as it's the first time I've made any clothing. Ever. We decided not to embellish the dress front as the pattern calls for but to add a seperately made corsage made from the voile, you know like a brooch.

Well that's great progress in my book, we'll hopefully finish the tops off on Monday as it'll probably be raining here in Bridlington, it is a Bank Holiday after all!!! I'm leaving Mr.G and the little people here for a fun filled weekend whilst I head home to work tonight and tomorrow night, pants I know but hey ho! I'm heading back over here to Brid after I finish work on Monday morning to hopefully have some fun at the beach but more than likely to finish the tops of the dresses!!!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Fabric Fix? Yes Please!

Its time to confess. I've been a very naughty girl and bought way too much fabric than I actually require this week! Ooops.

First up I ordered from the brilliant Seamstar, who by the way for today only are offering £1 postage on all orders under £45, of course if you spend over £45 its free postage anyway. Click the link to take you straight there and just add a note when checking out '£1 delivery offer', you will then be refunded the difference in the postage. Voila! If you order by 3pm Courtney posts it out guaranteed the same day - it could be with you by tomorrow!!!

Here's what arrived for me yesterday in the post::

The largest parcel at the back is from Seamstar, the middle envelope if all the way from the USA and is the materials I need to make my first blocks for the Fresh Modern Bee 2, exciting stuff! The smaller package at the front is more fabric heaven, this time courtesy of Saints and Pinners.

Here is a look at what I ordered from Saints and Pinners. I was just perusing as you do, looking for inspiration for colours that can go into the two stashes that will eventually be turned into quilts for 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M'. I spied the stripe fabric first which is actually on sale and is the kind of colours I'm looking for for 'Little Miss H' quilt so I thought I'd better get some before it sold out! Its Heather Bailey Pop Garden, Zig Zag stripe in Peach. The aqua fabric I've had my eye on for a while for 'Master M's' stash, its Lizzy House, Pearl Bracelet in Pond and clearly since I was ordering one I had to order the other!!!

Now my parcel from Seamstar was just brilliant, first off was this little lot, lovingly wrapped in turquoise tissue and bound with a pink ribbon.

Now these lovelies are again stash bound and will probably end up in said little people's quilts too. They are from left to right: Patty Young - Mezzanine, Gothic Flower in Pink, My Minds Eye - Wheels, Microdot in Blue and finally Keiki - Tweet Tweet, Circles in Cloud.
The next lot of fabric I received was a real treat! I ordered 4.5m in total of Anna Maria Horner Voiles to make my wedding dress with. Yay! Courtney did me proud and wrapped it extra special with a lovely hand written note. I think you'll agree it looks stunning wrapped in a soft net with beautiful pale pink organza ribbon.

And here are the contents! From left to right AMH Voile in Four Square Sweet, Froth and Forest Hills Sweet. Gorgeous.

Woop woop, 7 weeks and counting until we go to the states for the holiday of a lifetime and to get married. I will of course be blogging about my wedding dress coming together as well as the making of the bridesmaids dresses (which is starting tonight, my sister-in-law is helping!) which are to be made from AMH too!

Finally as I am blogging Mr.Postman has bought me the last of the fabric ordered, this time from Fabric Rehab. I headed over there as I wanted some Alexander Henry, Willow Grove and Seamstar had sold out. Now though I like Fabric Rehab for unusual, quirky fabric and I have bought from them a few times, I just don't get that same warm feeling inside like I do when I order from Seamstar or S&P. I think there are a few reasons for this, the website can be difficult to navigate at times and mainly I just don't get excited when Mr. Postman comes as the fabric is just posted in a polybag, no tissue no ribbons. Boo Hoo!

So here's what I ordered. On the left is the Alexander Henry Willow Grove in Red and Orange and on the right is Cutie Pie Dolls by the Japanese designer Hoodie. Love them both! Both for the stash. Now as an added bonus (because my little mind didn't fail me for once) I got this for
free in my parcel from Fabric Rehab!

I vaguely remembered a half page advert in this months 'Sew Hip' that I kind of remembered was offering a freebie with all orders placed, so without further a do I hunted down said copy and yes, with a special code this month only 'Sew Hip' readers could get a free mini fabric bundle whilst stocks lasted. It seems stocks have lasted as I managed to get one!!! Here are the contents of which I'll track down the designers later.

So here's to a fabric filled week, hopefully some major progress on the bridesmaids dresses this weekend and a few beers seen as though its a bank holiday, though I am working Sat & Sun night which is a bummer! Especially since I'm leaving Mr. G and the little people in Bridlington for the whole weekend and coming back home to work. Poo!

PS. Don't forget to order from Seamstar today for just £1 postage!!!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Swap Goodies Received!!

Well what can I say except 'Wow'!

The biggest parcel was waiting for me when I got home from work just now. It was my 'Good Enough To Eat' swap goodies from Caroline over at her blog MaryAnnLucy. Here are the contents of the box:

I was absoloutely bowled over by all the little parcels wrapped in red tissue paper with gold cake stickers on them, some were even finished with cute blue gingham ribbon. I quickly got to work opening all the parcels, it was better than Christmas I must say. As I was opening the packages I realised there was a distinct theme occuring - edible and non-edible!

The edible pile included lots of yummy jelly sweets, different types of chocolate and waffles. Mmmm. Needless to say I already feel sick as I have consumed both the waffles and the raspberry chocolate liquorice whilst writing this post!! I think I'll keep a little of the chocolate for myself and divvy the rest out between Mr. G and the kids, that should keep 'em sweet!

Now the non-edible pile contained a feast of yumminess! A lovely cupcake pincushion made from Amy Butler fabric, (which has saved me a job as I was going to make a new pincushion this week!), a cute strawberry reuseable bag, (which has given me an idea for another swap!), some gorgeous gorgeous aple buttons, some bath bombs, a cherry flavoured 'Jelly Bean' lip balm - I've been wanting to try these for a while now, I hope it really does taste like a jelly bean, some fairtrade tea bags, a very cute mini cake stand and finally a lovely book called 'The Ritz London Book of Afternoon Tea'. Wow, what a scoop!

I've really enjoyed this swap and I will show you pictures of what I sent Caroline when she lets me know that she has opened the package, I'd hate to spoil it for her! I do hope Caroline and I stay in touch as it's been fun getting to know her over the last few weeks.

Now all I have to do is complete the hand-made element of my 'Fabric Addict' swap and I can get that posted too, hopefully tomorrow! My apron will be posted by the end of the week too for the 'Great Apron Swap 2010'. Hooray!
Edited:: I've included a couple more pictures of the lovely cupcake pincushion as I don't think my original photo's showed it well enough and it truly is lovely! As was the whole parcel - thanks again MaryAnnLucy!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hooky Love!

I'm sure you can all remember a while ago I was trying to teach myself crochet! Yes?

Well I haven't given up on the idea, it's just that progress has been slow. This is something I find difficult. I'm more of an instant gratification kinda girl if you know what I mean!

However just this last week the penny seems to have dropped (after much cursing and swearing), obviously when no little people were about, and I seem to be able to crochet. Woop Woop I hear you shout, at last! Well Mr. G shouted that anyway, I don't think he realises the impending cost implications of not only a fabric addicition but a yummy wool addiction too. Ouch.

So in true hooky fashion here is a picture of what I'm working on.

On the left of the picture is a circle and two smaller pieces of crochet that will be turned into something for 'Little Miss H's' bedroom over the next couple of days and the two granny squares are the start of what will be an ongoing project to make a crochet granny square blanket. I will of course post pictures of the finished items.

I've got to give the credit for mr crochet love to Lucy of Att
ic 24 fame because truly without her awe inspiring tutorials and her very gorgeous, mouth-wateringly colourful blog, I'd have thrown the towel in weeks ago!

If you don't read her blog you really must start, the eyecandy is just fab. If you don't crochet, you really must have a go, her style of writing makes tutorials a breeze to follow and crochet is soooo relaxing once you master it. Whilst I'm on with the thanks, I really should mention Vivienne as it was she who put me onto Attic 24, as well as always being at the end of the email whenever I need hooky advice! Thanks Vivienne!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Why Thanks Mr. Postman........

There was a loud knock on the front door this lunchtime meaning only one of two things. Yes, it was either the local constabulary (seriously its awful when they knock, you immediately feel guilty!) or the more likely culprit being Mr. Postman. Thank goodness it was the latter!

A bundle of parcels all addressed to little old me. Way Hey! How very exciting.

The contents of the packages looked like this.

Now the gorgeous turquoise and pink ribbon wrapped package is from the very lovely Courtney at Seamstar. I must say it is my favourite place to shop for fabric and I've made a very good friend in Courtney which is strange since we only converse via email and our blogs, though I've no doubt we will one day meet in 'real life'! I ordered some Momo 'Snip Snip' in sky to stash for 'Master M's' quilt, I was getting tetchy she would sell out so thought it best to order now!! Check out the great postcardy thing that has all sorts of useful sewing tips on it. Very handy!

Now the goodies in the pink and white tissue paper I am unfortunately not at liberty to show you, as most of it is destined for my various swap partners and if I showed the bits that were for me it would be a dead giveaway. You know what I mean!

Now the final and most exciting package is the one shown at the front of the first picture. This beauty is from Beth at The Linen Cat. Now some of you may already follow Beth's blog and those of you who don't really should. Beth was one of the first blogs I came across and I have been an avid reader since. Her online store is crammed with truly lovely handmade gifts and goodies for you and yours and the quality of her work is high.

Just check out the gorgeous packaging and attention to detail. The address label on the jiffy bag had an image of one her gorgeous linen cats on it, then when I opened it, out fell the gorgeous green card with one of her fab lavender birds on it. This was truly a surprise as I hadn't ordered a lavender bird, it was a little treat for me from Beth. Thank-you. Next out of the jiffy bag was the green gift bag shown above that was sealed with a green sticker and a 'Mini Moo card' that advertised 'the linen cat' website and when I opened that here's what I found.

I love them and they were so worth the wait! I missed out on the last batch Beth made and have been harrassing her ever since to make some more, I believe these may truly be the last batch so if you want one for yourself you need to get over to her store and buy one. Now.

Well what a scoop I've had today. I'm so pleased I ordered from Beth as I've been dying to get a good look at her packaging. For me packaging can make or break a purchase and I've been thinking long and hard about it recently. When I eventually begin selling my goods online I want to create an image in keeping with my blog header, though selling online is still sometime away for me I think I'm going to have a play around now with packaging and test it out on all my swap partners!!

PS. In case you missed out on the Fresh Modern Bee 1 & 2 check out Me and Ma's blog as she is organising another quilting bee along with forestpoppy as they were so gutted at missing out on the action of the Fresh Modern Bee's! There's is called Fresh and Funky Quilt Block Bee and will run in a similar manner to the Fresh Modern Bee's so go sign up now, guaranteed stitchy fun!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Have you heard???

My Oh My! I must share this with you all!

Head over to Sew Mama Sew and check out the giveaway day - it's so fab I can hardly tell you! Basically they have enlisted the help of 100's and I mean 100's of bloggers to do giveaways on the same day and listed them all on the Sew Mama Sew blog. Great Idea.

There are lots that post internationally and you can win anything from fabric to handmade items. I've just spent the last hour (or two) cruising the listed blogs - found some really great new ones to follow and enetered some fab giveaways. How very exciting!

On the subject of giveaways I'm a winner! Way Hey! I won a rainbow of fabric squares so that I can make my own colourwheel quilt from Debs at Make Do and Mend Quilts. I entered the giveaway which she held as her 100th post celebration and I found out I'd won this morning, I'll post pictures when I receive the fabric. Oh and when I've made the quilt!

Hoping to crack on with some sewing from my to do list this evening so I'll update you later in the week!

Blimey I nearly forgot Sophie's giveaway over at her blog Chez Sophie, click the picture in my left sidebar to head straight to the blog so you can enter - it's a lovely prize!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafty Sunday #2, Sunday Stash # 51 & AOB!!

Good morning people! Yes I'm aware that it's actually 16:30 but since I'm working nights this weekend and I have just got up, it is actually morning. To me anyway.

Now as you may or may not be aware, it depends when you last popped by, I decided to join in the Crafty Sunday fun over on the blog Me and Ma. It looks like great fun and a good way to round up a weeks craftiness by showcasing what you've been doing. If you're interested in joining in just head over to the Me and Ma blog. Now!

So without further a do here is a picture of something from this week that I can actually show you!

Yes it is a finished curtain, hanging in all its glory in the kitchen! It needs a little more work on it this week, I'm going to lower the hem a couple of inches and space the curtain rings out a little more evenly and of course make its pair!!

So I must admit I'm a little disappointed that that is the only crafty picture I can show you as I've had a really productive week this week, but as most of it has been for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap, you're going to have to wait for me to show the pictures so that the surprise isn't spoilt for my swap partner MaryAnnLucy!

Also this week I also joined in the with the Flickr group 'Sunday Stash' which I found out about from this lovely blog! Basically this is a long standing group whereby the members, who I have to say are mainly quilters, post a photo of a new fabric splurge or a photo of their existing stash. It's very simple and a great way to come across new fabrics which is always a bonus! So my entry for this week is this

I bought the fabric from here in the states a couple of months ago specifically to make the sew liberated schoolhouse tunic it's Echino by Etsuko Furuya released in Autumn 2009 and is japanese of course! I haven't even cut into it yet as it's sooo beautiful!! Here is a web image of the fabric so you get a better idea of the full scale of the print as it's printed across the full width. Yummy!

I want to make the tunic so it has the dark border and the birds around the hem and the lighter border and the flying birds around the yoke and across the top of the tunic. Mmm.

Now I had mentioned that along with the curtaains I have done other crafty-ness that I cannot show the results of just yet but here in words is what I've done: completed my friends very late birthday gift, completed the handmade element of my swap parcel, sewn and stuffed the arms and legs of 'Little Miss H's' ragdoll!

To do list for this week!
finish curtains
finish ragdoll
work on Fabric Addict swap parcel
work on apron for Great Apron Swap 2010

Have a lovely evening whilst I'm at work won't you?

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

I'm having a really productive time of it now the sicky bug has retreated. Hooray I hear you cry, well I shouted Hooray anyway!

Before I show you my most recent sewing I need to share with you that mad as I am I seem to have joined two more swaps!! See the buttons on my side bar as there's still time to sign up to both of them. The first is Faerie Nuff's Strawberry Swap and the second is Fondant Kisses Boudoir Swap! Both are really easy and cute and not due for posting until the end of June so I figured that as the three other swaps I'm doing require posting by the end of May, then two for June should be a doddle!!

Now onto the more exciting stuff that I simply call progress (at last).... I've completed a couple of the handmade elements of my swap with MaryAnnLucy for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap. Clearly I can't show you them as I know my partner reads and comments on this blog of mine and how disappointing would that be. Seeing the goodies before the postie delivers them I mean, not her reading my blog! Anyhow the package is nearly good to go and I hope to post it by the weekend. I will definitely do a post on goodies sent and received when the time is right.

Look at that for a sewing frenzie - up until gone 1am last night! So, I have at last made cracking progress on my lined, yes lined, (no shirking on the professional front here you know) curtains, destined for the french doors in the above picture that lead out of our kitchen diner into what can only be described as a pile of mud. Newly acquired new build home = no garden. Anyway less of the waffle more evidence please.

Just take a look at that seams on that lining. Beautiful. More beautiful than the CK ironing board cover. To the more experienced sewers out there just lie to me if you have to, I won't tell anyone! Come on it's the first pair of curtains I've made. Ever. I love em! Here's a better picture of the fabric so you can get an idea of the modern brights I'm currently coveting. Its from Ikea. Excuse the blatant lack of ironing, needed to collect 'Master M' from school!

I love loads of Ikea fabric but the prints are normally too large scale for many of my projects but when I saw this one I knew exactly what I wanted it for. Its a really good quality fabric as well for a fraction of the cost of the designer ones we all love! I'm hoping to finish this curtain tomorrow and complete its pair on Friday.

Finally you may have noticed from my sidebar that I have joined the Fresh Modern Bee 2. Mmmm. Excited and apprehensive would be the best way to describe my feelings on this matter currently. I have never made a quilt before but I always wanted to! It's going to be a huge challenge for me but hopefully I'm going to meet some more great blogger pals and learn some fab quilting techniques along the way. Either that or it will be a complete disaster and I'll have to go hide in a cave somewhere out of complete and utter humiliation, never to be heard of again!

PS. Look what the postie brought me today. I love it already and highly recommend it!

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