Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hooky Love!

I'm sure you can all remember a while ago I was trying to teach myself crochet! Yes?

Well I haven't given up on the idea, it's just that progress has been slow. This is something I find difficult. I'm more of an instant gratification kinda girl if you know what I mean!

However just this last week the penny seems to have dropped (after much cursing and swearing), obviously when no little people were about, and I seem to be able to crochet. Woop Woop I hear you shout, at last! Well Mr. G shouted that anyway, I don't think he realises the impending cost implications of not only a fabric addicition but a yummy wool addiction too. Ouch.

So in true hooky fashion here is a picture of what I'm working on.

On the left of the picture is a circle and two smaller pieces of crochet that will be turned into something for 'Little Miss H's' bedroom over the next couple of days and the two granny squares are the start of what will be an ongoing project to make a crochet granny square blanket. I will of course post pictures of the finished items.

I've got to give the credit for mr crochet love to Lucy of Att
ic 24 fame because truly without her awe inspiring tutorials and her very gorgeous, mouth-wateringly colourful blog, I'd have thrown the towel in weeks ago!

If you don't read her blog you really must start, the eyecandy is just fab. If you don't crochet, you really must have a go, her style of writing makes tutorials a breeze to follow and crochet is soooo relaxing once you master it. Whilst I'm on with the thanks, I really should mention Vivienne as it was she who put me onto Attic 24, as well as always being at the end of the email whenever I need hooky advice! Thanks Vivienne!


  1. Oh noooo, you have the bug won't be able to will be kept awake at night thinking of all the lovelies that are next on your list of will be surrounded with yarn and patterns....and you'll absolutely LOVE it! he he! xxxx

  2. I really want to learn to crochet, I so want to be able to make granny squares so I can make a blanket, I can knit no problem, but have never learnt to crochet, maybe I should pop to Attic 24 and have a go, that sounds a beeter idea than my original one of accosting an old person to teach me ! ..not that I am saying it is just old people who crochet LOL

  3. @Maria
    I really think you should pop to Attic 24 Maria, honestly its a feast for the eyes and if I can do it anyone can! J xx

  4. @♥coco rose♥

    I know it's so not funny! I really like the crochet stuff you've shown on your blog recently. I cannot wait to have a blanket I made myself. J xx

  5. hi hun, just wanted to let you know that i haven't recieved your payment yet for the handmade cards? x

  6. @LissyLou

    Thats cos I haven't posted it yet! I'm poo aren't I? You just reminded me! It'll be Sat now as working tomorrow!! Sorry for been a pain! J xx

  7. @Lynne
    Thanks, Lynne! I'm a bit pleased too! J xx

  8. Well done with the crochet, that's it, you're hooked now, there is no escape. lol.
    If you're ever in Wensleydale your more than welcome to join our 'Not Just Knitting' afternoon. It's early days yet but I hope it will grow.

    love fi x

  9. @MarmaladeRose

    Hi Fi, thanks for the invite to 'Not Just Knitting' but Wensleydale is a tad far from Huddersfield! J xx

  10. Hi Justine,
    Thanks for the little mention but no need you're more than welcome!! :)
    Well done with the crochet you're going to have wool stashed everywhere soon! lol
    Vivienne x


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