Monday, 17 May 2010

Have you heard???

My Oh My! I must share this with you all!

Head over to Sew Mama Sew and check out the giveaway day - it's so fab I can hardly tell you! Basically they have enlisted the help of 100's and I mean 100's of bloggers to do giveaways on the same day and listed them all on the Sew Mama Sew blog. Great Idea.

There are lots that post internationally and you can win anything from fabric to handmade items. I've just spent the last hour (or two) cruising the listed blogs - found some really great new ones to follow and enetered some fab giveaways. How very exciting!

On the subject of giveaways I'm a winner! Way Hey! I won a rainbow of fabric squares so that I can make my own colourwheel quilt from Debs at Make Do and Mend Quilts. I entered the giveaway which she held as her 100th post celebration and I found out I'd won this morning, I'll post pictures when I receive the fabric. Oh and when I've made the quilt!

Hoping to crack on with some sewing from my to do list this evening so I'll update you later in the week!

Blimey I nearly forgot Sophie's giveaway over at her blog Chez Sophie, click the picture in my left sidebar to head straight to the blog so you can enter - it's a lovely prize!


  1. Think I might just pop over there, thanks Justine

  2. @Maria
    You should Maria, it's great!! Good Luck if you enter any giveaways!

  3. Hi Justine
    Thanks for postinga bout my giveaway and for adding my button to your blog.
    Good luck
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. @Sophie - Chez Sophie
    No problemo Sophie, I love a good giveaway! Justine xx


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