Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

I'm having a really productive time of it now the sicky bug has retreated. Hooray I hear you cry, well I shouted Hooray anyway!

Before I show you my most recent sewing I need to share with you that mad as I am I seem to have joined two more swaps!! See the buttons on my side bar as there's still time to sign up to both of them. The first is Faerie Nuff's Strawberry Swap and the second is Fondant Kisses Boudoir Swap! Both are really easy and cute and not due for posting until the end of June so I figured that as the three other swaps I'm doing require posting by the end of May, then two for June should be a doddle!!

Now onto the more exciting stuff that I simply call progress (at last).... I've completed a couple of the handmade elements of my swap with MaryAnnLucy for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap. Clearly I can't show you them as I know my partner reads and comments on this blog of mine and how disappointing would that be. Seeing the goodies before the postie delivers them I mean, not her reading my blog! Anyhow the package is nearly good to go and I hope to post it by the weekend. I will definitely do a post on goodies sent and received when the time is right.

Look at that for a sewing frenzie - up until gone 1am last night! So, I have at last made cracking progress on my lined, yes lined, (no shirking on the professional front here you know) curtains, destined for the french doors in the above picture that lead out of our kitchen diner into what can only be described as a pile of mud. Newly acquired new build home = no garden. Anyway less of the waffle more evidence please.

Just take a look at that seams on that lining. Beautiful. More beautiful than the CK ironing board cover. To the more experienced sewers out there just lie to me if you have to, I won't tell anyone! Come on it's the first pair of curtains I've made. Ever. I love em! Here's a better picture of the fabric so you can get an idea of the modern brights I'm currently coveting. Its from Ikea. Excuse the blatant lack of ironing, needed to collect 'Master M' from school!

I love loads of Ikea fabric but the prints are normally too large scale for many of my projects but when I saw this one I knew exactly what I wanted it for. Its a really good quality fabric as well for a fraction of the cost of the designer ones we all love! I'm hoping to finish this curtain tomorrow and complete its pair on Friday.

Finally you may have noticed from my sidebar that I have joined the Fresh Modern Bee 2. Mmmm. Excited and apprehensive would be the best way to describe my feelings on this matter currently. I have never made a quilt before but I always wanted to! It's going to be a huge challenge for me but hopefully I'm going to meet some more great blogger pals and learn some fab quilting techniques along the way. Either that or it will be a complete disaster and I'll have to go hide in a cave somewhere out of complete and utter humiliation, never to be heard of again!

PS. Look what the postie brought me today. I love it already and highly recommend it!


  1. I do love your choice in fabric. I'm looking forward to visiting IKEA later in the year and buying up fabrics. Must remember to take an empty case with me! I'm sure your curtains will look fabulous when they are finished. They should really give your room a great boost.

  2. @Sarah
    Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment. Ikea has some great fabric in at the moment and I do love some colour so you'd better take a suitcase when you visit! J xxx

  3. Loving the curtain fabric. Do you I still haven't been to ikea yet and theres a new store opened near me, I REALLY must go soon. xxx Pixie xxx

  4. @Pixiedust
    You must go there immediately and take plenty of wonga for lovely fabric, oh and a vehicle to get it all home in!! They have some lovely linen too which is screaming to be embroidered on. Justine xx

  5. Hi Justine, thanks for popping by and saying hello! I am off to read your lovely blog now! Lisa x

  6. Welcome to my blog too Lisa! I just love finding new blogs that I know fit right in with where I'm at, don't you? J xx

  7. OK two things, Firstly that IKEA fabric is fantabulous - must go back to IKEA and get some. Secondly, what are flickr quilty stash groups? Wihch ones are they? Am I being a dunce not to undertand this terminology?

  8. Hi Justine, Thank you for joining in with Crafty Sunday I will add your link to the list on my blog..Re: the pin cushion, its dead easy to make, will be done in an hour, I have just made one for a Fairytale swap(Snow White) and made it look like an apple..:)

  9. @Lynne
    Lynne you're no dunce! Look on my side bar and click on the Sunday Stash button it'll take you to the group on Flickr where quilty people show off their stashes and WIP every Sunday! On my side bar there is also a link to Crafty Sunday which is a similar thing! J xx

  10. @Maria
    Hi Maria, thanks for the info. about the pin cushion! I'm going to give it ago! Jxx

  11. I thought I'd pop in here with a copy of my reply to your comment about the dress just in case you don't get a chance to see it there..... "I think you'll be fine, you seem to be able to churn out things at an amazing rate! The only thing I'm not happy with in the draft is the points on the triangles - the bodice triangle is good but on some of the others the point has been chopped off in the joining process. I'll need to be much more careful in the finished version. Also I made small but will need extra small- if you're not sure about your sizing just mocking up the bodice only would let you know and wouldn't take much time or fabric. "
    I'm annoyed with myself for not following up your info re Fresh Modern Bee sooner - I've missed out and it sounds great. Have been looking out for another but they don't sound so good - sob sob! Juliex

  12. I've had the Martha book in my amazon basket for 2 months now, I think I'm scared of it! Will it make me feel inadequate?

  13. @Julie Rutter
    Hey Julie, thanks for the tip on the dress making! Sorry you didn't make the Bee but I'm sure more will follow soon! I'll blog about the dress making soon! Justine xx

  14. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog & the link to Show & Tell Sunday.
    I love the Ikea fabric, can't wait to see the finished results. How many swaps?? You're brave! I've stopped doing them because I was always late posting! :)

  15. @Josie-Mary

    Hiya thanks for stopping by and I know I'mmental doing alll the swaps but hey ho I'm on track so far!! Show and Tell Sunday looks like fun though I'll be having trouble choosing an all time favourite book!!

  16. I have that Martha book – now I just need to put some of its advice into practice!

    Victoria x


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