Sunday, 30 May 2010

Crafty Sunday #4 & Sunday Stash #53

Due to work commitments I didn't get the chance to post last week for either Crafty Sunday or the Sunday Stash. I had every intention of making a last minute post late on Sunday evening when I got in, but had had such a busy day all I was fit for was bed!!

Well I'm in a similar prediciment this week as I've just got in from working last night and am working again tonight. So I've decided to delay going to bed and post now incase I don't get the chance later!

So first up is Crafty Sunday #4:

This week I've had a fairly productive week with two of these been the main product, see my post here.
I also want to show you the handmade element of the parcel I sent to Maryannlucy for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap last week. I couldn't enter them for Crafty Sunday the week they were made as clearly she hadn't received them yet!

I appliqued a store bought pot holder and tea towel with huge cupcakes and I also made a coffee cozy that snuggles round your take out coffee, protecting you from burnt hands, you can see this on the top right of the photo just above a cute hand sewn needlecase I made that has a donought on the front! I've also made the hand made element of the 'Fabric Addict' swap this week which again will be shown at a later date so as not to spoil the surprise for Bluberry Heart, who I'm partnered with.

Now onto Sunday Stash #53::

Well if you've read my blog this week you'll know I've had a little splurge on fabric. (Tee hee hee!) So here's a couple of shots of my yummy scrummy purchases, click here to find out what they all are.

Well thats all for now as I'm way too tired and could end up waffling big time. Believe me it's not a pretty sight. This weeks to do list looks like this:: finish bridesmaids dresses, finish apron for the Great Apron Swap 2010, finish 'Little Miss H's' ragdoll. Wish me luck!


  1. That doll fabric is fabulous. And those things you made for your swap partner are gorgeous too.

  2. Hello! I'm your boudoir swap partner! nice to meet you. I'm off to work now so will have to catch up with your lovely blog tomorrow. Looking forward to our swap! Bettyx

  3. Love your fabrics they are soo pretty.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Looking forward to seing the completed dresses Justine, great fabrics :)

  5. those fabrics are totally adorable !!! I love them. Lovley blog too :o)

  6. Hope you get some good sleep and your plans for this week go well.

    I think the bodice looks beautiful. It looks like there is elastic in the straps, what a good idea for little girls.


  7. I know how you feel Justine - I have yet to even start my apron for the great apron swap - eek! Happy sewing! Shelley x

  8. yummy! I love your fabrics.

  9. @Lynne

    Aw thanks Lynne, I like your block for FMB2 - not even started mine though the rotary cutter is heading its way to me as we blog!!

  10. @Mrs Yappy Dog
    Hi Betty, thanks for commenting.I'm off to check out your blog now! J xx

  11. @Michelle
    Hi Michelle, thanks for commenting and popping by my blog. Justine xx

  12. @Julie Rutter
    Yes you're right Julie, there is elastic in the straps! The bodices were easy to sew so hopefully I'll be able to finish them this week! Justine xx

  13. @meadow
    How rubbish are we Shelley - go get some sewing done!! Justine xx


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