Monday, 27 February 2012

at last some creativity

So I've got back into the swing of things it seems this last few days and I have something to show you!!

First up I've been making slow but steady progress on my English Paper Piecing. I'm really enjoying it and find it very relaxing, it's going to be a useful skill for those times I can't get the machine out when baby Hunter is here!

Here's how it looks so far:

I started off basting the shapes quite randomly but then decided to make a plan as some of the scraps I had less of than others, I've enough shapes basted now for around 1/3 of the cushion top!

I've also managed to complete my Swoon block 6 eventually today!

I've got block 7 cut and ready to go and am hoping to get the whole top finished and sent to the long arm quilter before the baby puts in an appearance!!

Over the weekend I was also lucky enough to receive two new craft books to peruse! I highly recommend both of them and will definitely be making projects from both! 

I've been wanting to knit some socks for a while now and this book teaches you how, just what I need! I've already ordered and received my yarn and some tiny needles to make a start.

I need to try and be patient and wait until I've finished my Swoon quilt before I start as I have a feeling I may get taken over by the sock knitting bug!!

Finally I have another long term sewing project that I'm going to prep this week. Its more hand sewing and I'm very excited to get started!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and managed to get some creativity in!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

excitement has been building...

Its been half term here this week which has had a huge impact on my sewing plans but hey-ho, I've been able to spend lots of time with 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M'!

The one thing I have managed to complete is my Sherbet Pips quilt and yesterday the sun was shining so I was able to get a couple of good photo's of it draped over the tiny balcony that comes off our living room!!! 

This quilt is the first one I've made just for me and I adore it! I followed the instructions from Fat Quarterly, its John's Confetti Quilt pattern, the only thing I changed was the addition of the embroidered panel. The girl on a swing pattern is from Aneela Hoey who also designed the fabric line Sherbet Pips too!!

I've also managed to complete 6/24 required blocks for the Seuss quilt I'm making 'Master M' and have prepped my Swoon block #6!

Must dash now as I'm heading out to collect my flannel quilt from the long arm quilter - I'm beyond excited!! 

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nesting & Sewing?

I really need to kick my own butt and become a more regular blogger but time just seems to fly by and before I realise it, a week or more has passed between posts - shocking isn't it?! Does that happen to you too or is it just silly old me?!

Anyhow since I last posted there's been lots going on round here.The kitchen makeover is nearing completion and I've been doing lots of sewing too.

First up I finished Swoon block #5:

photo taken on iPhone using Instagram app
I've also basted (with help!) and quilted my Sherbet Pips quilt:

photo taken with iPhone using Instagram app
This quilt has also now had the binding sewn on and is just waiting for this evening to come so I can hand stitch the binding down whilst watching Call the Midwife and Being Human!!

On Thursday I travelled to deepest darkest Derbyshire with Katy so we could have our non-sewing meet-up with Lynne and Mandy! Now these sewing meet ups are becoming somewhat hilarious, we cart all our machines and projects down and never do anything except eat a yummy lunch and chat fabric!! These girls are my proper best friends I can't tell you, I love that we found each other through blogging and twitter and are just like peas in a pod!! Here's a picture of Lynne actually working on something:

To be honest it was a productive session this time, the girls (except Lady Katy that is!) helped me baste my Pips quilt and my mum's first ever quilt!! Katy worked on some hand sewing, Mandy showed us some fab hand sewing she's been working on too and Lynne was finishing off a quilt for her hubby. Can't wait to see them again in a couple of weeks, which will probably be my last visit before Hunter is born - yikes!!

Finally our kitchen makeover is nearing completion. The new tiled flooring is down and we're just adding the finishing touches here and there.

The boiler still needs it housing made and a blind needs to go up at the window, there are also a few more shelves and prints to be added so I'll show those bits of the kitchen as we complete them! Next up is the living room.... 
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