Friday, 28 October 2011

Ta Dah! Another Quilt...

I think that I can safely say that this is by far my favourite quilt make to date!

Peek a Boo M!
I love how fresh it looks, the colour scheme and especially the fabric! I love love love this Denyse Schmidt range of fabrics for Joann's stores (USA). I was so lucky that I had a stateside buddy who could send me some!

The pattern is one I have used in baby quilts before and is an I-Spy quilt pattern that I bought from the lovely Amy some time ago. This time I improvised a bit and instead of making the squares in the centre 3.5" I made them 2.5". I've backed the quilt in some Momo I had sat in my stash. 

This quilt seems to have taken me an age to complete and I must be honest but I do feel relieved that it is now on it's way to it's new owner! I totally lost my sewing mojo in early pregnancy and the quilt just sat half pieced for months before guilt took over and forced me to get off my ass and get this beauty finished!!

Hand embroidered label
I also made some matching bunting for the recipient's nursery too! How cute is that?

The measures approx 36" x 36" and is quilted with wonky straight lines - it's my speciality you know!!

I've also decided that this quilt will be my entry into this years Bloggers Quilt Festival, hosted as ever by the lovely Amy

Please click on the image to take you to the link up party for the festival!

If you've never entered you should as it's a great way to get oodles of inspiration, see new blogs and generate traffic to your blog too!! A win win all round I think!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A bit of this and that

I got the knitting bug again this last few weeks and here's what I've been working on.

The pattern is a Sublime one and the beautiful goes with anything sage coloured yarn is Soya Cotton DK also by Sublime. Its so silky and soft to the touch 'Little Miss H' is going to feel so cozy when she wears this little beauty!

So far I've completed the back and have nearly completed one of the front pieces too - I'm such a slow knitter but I enjoy the process I really do! You know what they say.....practice makes perfect!

On the sewing front I'm on the home stretch with this fab baby quilt which just needs the binding hand sewing down, I'm hoping to get this in the post on Thursday!

I also received this great piece of fabric from Katy. Its Anna Maria Horner and has the pattern on it for you to cross stitch, I love it! I'm hoping to pair this with some of her Loulouthi range and make a cushion for my rocking chair. Those night feeds will be upon me before I know it!!! I also treated myself and Katy to some of this super cute bunting fabric by Michael Miller. I got it from Seamstar.

Again on the receiving front I also got this Echino iPad case from my lovely friend Amanda! I thought that the hubs needed something stylish to store his new gadget in. 

This week I want to get some smaller fun sewing done, an easy peasy purse, some baby bibs and burp cloths and some toddler bandana bibs and hopefully a new knitting needle roll! Wish me luck!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Belated Wonky Stars!

So here at last is a very belated post about this too cute (well 'Little Miss H' thinks so!) lap quilt I finished up at the start of the summer.

I followed the Wonky Star Quilt-A-Long over at Kerry's blog and then added a scrappy border to make the quilt just the right size for 'Little Miss H'. 

It's backed in a black and white bird fabric from Ikea and bound in Kona bubblegum. I quilted it by shadow outlining all the stars and quilting in the ditch around the stars inner squares. I then quilted either side of the seams around the scrappy border.

Those of you who can remember me blogging about the making of this quilt will surely remember a disaster I had when the quilt top was scorched by the lightbulb on my sewing machine. Here's how I fixed the damage:

That's right a cute hand appliqued heart over the top of the scorched area, I cut out the burnt wadding to stop it smelling too! 

The quilt measures approximately 45" x45".

I'm really pleased with this quilt and it's used daily by anyone who is sat on the sofa. 'Little Miss H' loves looking at all the different fabrics and tells me what she can see, who'd have thought a quilt could develop her language skills too!!
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