Monday, 3 October 2011

Belated Wonky Stars!

So here at last is a very belated post about this too cute (well 'Little Miss H' thinks so!) lap quilt I finished up at the start of the summer.

I followed the Wonky Star Quilt-A-Long over at Kerry's blog and then added a scrappy border to make the quilt just the right size for 'Little Miss H'. 

It's backed in a black and white bird fabric from Ikea and bound in Kona bubblegum. I quilted it by shadow outlining all the stars and quilting in the ditch around the stars inner squares. I then quilted either side of the seams around the scrappy border.

Those of you who can remember me blogging about the making of this quilt will surely remember a disaster I had when the quilt top was scorched by the lightbulb on my sewing machine. Here's how I fixed the damage:

That's right a cute hand appliqued heart over the top of the scorched area, I cut out the burnt wadding to stop it smelling too! 

The quilt measures approximately 45" x45".

I'm really pleased with this quilt and it's used daily by anyone who is sat on the sofa. 'Little Miss H' loves looking at all the different fabrics and tells me what she can see, who'd have thought a quilt could develop her language skills too!!


  1. How wonderful - it's gorgeous!

  2. Looks fab, really like how you covered the burn and the shade of pink in the binding is lovely.

  3. This is super cute!! She must love it!

  4. Beautiful quilt and just the right side of girly :) Bright and pretty! I'm making a simple quilt for my daughter and I'm happy she loves pink!! That's a great colour for the binding

  5. Oh it looks really lovely and perfect solution to the scorching with the heart. Hope she likes it but I have not doubt she will. Lucky little miss H. Bethx

  6. very nice! this is an adorable quilt!

  7. How beautiful - I love that combination of the grey, pinks and reds. And fantastic problem solving too - that heart looks like it is meant to be there.


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