Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rockfords Rock Opera

Just before the beginning of the summer holidays I was asked if I'd like to review a CD package of Rockfords Rock Opera. It was described as a fun modern musical for children so I agreed!

The CDs were delivered in time for our long drive to Cornwall and so we listened to the 1st CD on the way down. It was amazing! In fact it was so amazing the kids told me to turn it off as they couldn't hear it properly in the car and wanted to listen on a CD player so they didn't miss anything! 

Since our return from holiday the kids have listened to the CDs before bed and ask for them playing regularly! This is great as it's very relaxing for them, oh and me too!

What is it?
Its a story about a boy and his dog called Rockford who go to a mystical island called Infinity. Infinity is a place that homes the last one of all the extinct creatures of the world and they have a secret to tell.....

The package comes with the story split over 3 CDs and great illustrated story booklets that have the lyrics for the songs as well fab illustrations. The CDs have music, sound effects and narration and are fantastic for all ages to listen to.

The story itself is so endearing and has led to many 'what if' conversations with my children, the characters are so lovely and the kids adore Rockford!!

In addition the website has lots of extras and brings the illustrations to life, my little boy (7) particularly enjoys this aspect of Rockfords Rock Opera.


That's my advice!! You can download the 1st CD for free here:

When you're hooked you can then go ahead and buy the CDs!!!

NB: I received a free copy of the CDs in return for my review.


  1. Sounds fabulous - just the kind of thing I need to get in my library for future grandchildren!

  2. Sound fab, one for our next road trip I think. Bethx


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