Friday, 18 January 2013

Sew Solids Quilt Along!

So after much plotting and planning the day has arrived to announce that yes, after much nagging from many a customer of Simply Solids, I have decided to launch an informal Quilt-A-Long!

It's been designed to use the fabrics that members of the Sew Solid Stash Club receive and I'm sure you'll agree it looks amazing in this mock up:

The mock ups were designed by my friend and yours Lynne of Lily's Quilts and the amazing pattern was written up by one of my bestest sewing buddies Laura Jane of Needles, Pins & Baking Tins. What's more these two kind girlies are offering the pattern as a free download on the Simply Solids Website (look in left menu bar ok?) Kindness is cool right?

Each month I'll be blogging my blocks and Laura Jane will be blogging her blocks, which are a variation on the pattern and look amazing! There will be various other bloggers joining in too on a more ad-hoc basis and I'll link to those as and when so you can see all the lovely quilts in progress!!

I've started a Flickr group for Simply Solids where you can post pictures of the blocks you make and there's an IG hashtag too #simplysolidsqal so we can link up to the blocks been photographed there as well!!

So here's my first block: 

I've gone with Essex Yarn Dyed as my background as I think it will make the colours pop! What do you think??? I'll be getting the remaining 2 purple blocks finished over the weekend so will post pictures early next week.

Have Fun!!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sew Solids Crew - January

Mega busy. I feel I just want to write that now!!

Anyhow another massively successful sale has just ended in my shop Simply Solids, I'm still working to get through the last of the orders, these will be posted on Tuesday now as I'm working on Monday at my nursing job - apologies for the postage delay but there's only little old me here!!

If you're signed up to the Sew Solids Crew Stash Club - Woo Hoo! Here's what you'll be receiving in January. Look out for parcels arriving towards the end of next week:

3 Colour Stack: Holly, Peridot & Candy Green

6 Colour Stack: Peridot, Candy Green, Holly, Olive, Ice Frappe & Avocado
If you've not signed up for lovely bundles of fabric to arrive through your letterbox each month, please check out the details here. You have until the 15th to sign up and get January's bundle. GO!

In sewing news I've done none. That's right none. Arghhhh! I hope to rectify this very soon and get started on #scrappytripalong >> This quilt a long has taken Instagram by storm thanks to Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics!!

Here's a picture of Katy's #scrappytripalong

scrappy trips

I'm so making one of these. I am.
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