Sunday, 27 May 2012

Retreat linky up!

Are you all excited because I know I'm very excited!

In just 5 sleeps time Hunter and I will be hopping on a train and heading to the smoke for the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat.

I've still got mucho to do in preparation for this (as usual I'll be panicking at the last minute). I have got all the gubbins required for each of the classes I'm signed up to, they're just not prepped yet!

The biggest picture in the mosaic shows my white Kona cotton and assorted Cosmo flosses for Aneela's embroidery class which I'm taking on Saturday afternoon. I am a huge fan of Aneela's work and I must confess to hoarding all of her fabric lines and am excitedly awaiting the release of her embroidery book. I actually might pee my pants when I meet her in person which in light of the huge baby I parted with 7 weeks is a very real possibility. Yikes!

The top right picture is my stash of Melody Miller fabrics which I will be using in Lynne's English Paper Piecing class to make a "Postcards from Paris" cushion. Again I'm very excited to be in a class of Lynne's, if only to heckle her from the stalls!! Haha! Only joking Lynne!

The bottom right picture shows my jelly roll of Moda's Half Moon Modern which I will be using in John's Wonky Log Cabin class that I am doing on Sunday afternoon. Again can't wait to meet John and see what his class brings.

I'm also doing Tacha's Paper Piecing class and want to make her fabulous hexagon cushion. I've no idea what the hell fabric I'm using for this one, hence no picture! Think I'll pull from my scraps to coordinate with the cushion I'll be making in Lynne's class.

Everyone will clearly know who I am as I'll be the one with the baby in tow but here's a picture just in case.

So so looking forward to meeting you all and if you're going but haven't linked up yet - go do it now!!

Fat Quarterly

Saturday, 26 May 2012

sewing, yes really!

I've had a really productive week on the sewing front this week. Yes, really!

The week culminated in super hot weather and an impromptu meeting of the ladies of the Kitchen guild at Lynne's house yesterday. Perfect if I say so myself!

Here are three of us soaking up the sun in Lynne's courtyard, yes you read that right she has a courtyard!

This picture was taken by Katy and shows Laura, Myself, Hunter and Mandy. (Lynne generally avoids photo situations, apparently she doesn't want to show us all up or something.)

During the week I've made my gifts for the sample swap at the Fat Quarterly retreat, can you believe we'll be sewing in the smoke this time next week? I can't put into words how excited I am. Clearly I can't show these as they are surprises but I did make myself a sewing kit to take with me.

The pattern is from the fantastic book Zakka Style Sewing and honestly if you haven't got this book I really do recommend it, I can see myself making a lot of the projects.

The lovely Laura also made me this super cute pouch

Swoon frenzy has swept the quilting world over the last few months and my clever sewing buddy downsized the block so it could be used on a pouch, she's very clever isn't she?

I've also received a scrummy bundle of Cosmo floss so that I can stitch up May and June's Dessert of the Month pictures, I really love this floss it's so silky smooth and is my go to floss for sure.

The brilliant news is is that it's now available in the UK from Eternal Maker. I usually order from the USA so this is great news! Eternal Maker will be stocking a smallish range of floss to see how it sells and are also getting the colour cards in so you can match threads to your projects. The floss they are stocking is also already separated into 2 strands and comes on a spool, no more knots or splitting 6 stranded floss - whoop!

Finally I've also managed to get quite a bit of work done on my English Paper Piecing.

The pattern is called Carnival and the tutorial and templates are on Katy's blog. You can also buy her fussy cutting template kit so you can cut your fabrics with the required seam allowance making the whole project very easy! 

I'm using Kona grey for the centres and 1001 peeps by Lizzy House for the rings, it will be a huge cushion when finished.

Hopefully I'll get chance to blog again before Hunter and I head to the smoke (excuse me whilst I just do a giddy dance)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Feeling stitchy!

Gosh life certainly slips by in a hurry when you've got a newborn to take care of, I cannot believe it's been nearly 3 weeks (once again) since I last blogged. Thanks for sticking around if you're reading this!

As well as adjusting to life as a family of five Mr. G and I have also been attending to some much needed decorating, de-cluttering and general upkeep on our home over the last few weeks.

I am pleased to say that this has culminated in me having my very own sewing room/office, its definitely more sewing room I can assure you!!

Above is the room just after it had been emptied of clutter and re-painted white throughout and below shows that I've got my sewing shizzle and desks moved in and am starting to get organised!

Yes that is the hubby's bike parked there! We don't have a garage so it has to live indoors, trust me it won't be staying in my room. Haha! I'll do a proper full reveal on the room once I get the finishing touches added as it still looks a little bare decor wise.

I've also been slowly but surely prepping my course materials and swap goodies for the Fat Quarterly retreat which is in just two weeks time. I cannot believe how quickly it has come around and I'm super excited to meet everyone. If you're going please do say hello!

Here's a peep of the swap goodies I'm making, fabric cut - check! Sewing in nap time tomorrow - check!

Finally I want to share with you this super fantastic cushion/pillow (depends what side of the pond you're on!)

This was made by my lovely friend, the uber-talented Amber of One Shabby Chic who makes a multitude of fantastic cushions, pouches, iPad cases and totes in amazing fabric (this one is Summersville by Lu Summers on the front & Prince Charming by Tula Pink on the back). They all feature fussy-cut typewriters from the now famous (well I think it is!) fabric by the lovely Melody Miller. If you look closely next to the heart Amber has printed J & G which are mine and the hubby's initials - too cute!! This cushion is for my hubby's birthday and I know he's going to love it. If you want some typewriters of your own, check out Amber's Etsy store!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Summersville in da house!

As promised today's blog post is all about the Summersville!

You really must have been hidden under a rock if you've not heard of this fantastic, highly anticipated and eagerly awaited line of fabric designed by the loveliness that is Lu Summers for Moda fabrics.

Lu is a designer extrodinaire and her Etsy shop is full of goodies made from her own screen printed designs. You can buy anything from mugs to tape to posters, all carrying her fantastic eye catching designs.

Now I can smugly say that I, (well when I say I, I clearly mean Hunter) is also the proud owner of not one but two gorgeous quilts made from Summersville. 

The first was made by Katy.

And the second by Lynne.

My heart not only skips beats because these quilts are made from a seriously great line of fabric and not even because they are made by two of the most well known British modern quilters (I do feel truly lucky to have a quilt of theirs mind) but mainly because they are made by two of my best friends, for my baby. Enough said.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

best day ever

So today I headed off down to Derbyshire with the lovely Katy and my two boys to meet up with my sewing besties, those of you who read any of our blogs will know that myself, Katy, Lynne and Mandy have been meeting monthly for over a year now and just recently Laura and Karen have been joining in too! Nothing unusual in that you may think and neither did I until it was Show & Tell time!

First up they presented me with two baby quilts for Hunter. One made by Katy and one made by Lynne. Both, that's right both are made from the talented Lu Summers new line for Moda 'Summersville'. How blinking lucky am I? I mean Hunter right?!

We didn't get chance to take photos of these quilts but you can see Lynne's here on her blog and I pinky promise I'll get photos in the daylight tomorrow of both of them!

Now the reason we forgot to get pics of the baby quilts is this:

Yes that's me crying!

And here's Lynne giving me and a quilt a hug!!

And this is Laura & Lynne holding the quilt up for a photo!! 

So it appears my sewing besties have been scheming for quite some time and have made me my very own Scrap Vomit Quilt!!

I have watched this quilt come to fruition not knowing it was destined for me, I covet every scrap vomit quilt I have ever seen but have not got the patience to cut all those tiny 2.5" squares to make one myself!! Well now I don't have to.

Here are the photo's from Katy's blogpost published today:

And finally the most lovely quilt label:

I will treasure this quilt forever as I will my sewing besties. Hell I'm crying again.
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