Saturday, 26 May 2012

sewing, yes really!

I've had a really productive week on the sewing front this week. Yes, really!

The week culminated in super hot weather and an impromptu meeting of the ladies of the Kitchen guild at Lynne's house yesterday. Perfect if I say so myself!

Here are three of us soaking up the sun in Lynne's courtyard, yes you read that right she has a courtyard!

This picture was taken by Katy and shows Laura, Myself, Hunter and Mandy. (Lynne generally avoids photo situations, apparently she doesn't want to show us all up or something.)

During the week I've made my gifts for the sample swap at the Fat Quarterly retreat, can you believe we'll be sewing in the smoke this time next week? I can't put into words how excited I am. Clearly I can't show these as they are surprises but I did make myself a sewing kit to take with me.

The pattern is from the fantastic book Zakka Style Sewing and honestly if you haven't got this book I really do recommend it, I can see myself making a lot of the projects.

The lovely Laura also made me this super cute pouch

Swoon frenzy has swept the quilting world over the last few months and my clever sewing buddy downsized the block so it could be used on a pouch, she's very clever isn't she?

I've also received a scrummy bundle of Cosmo floss so that I can stitch up May and June's Dessert of the Month pictures, I really love this floss it's so silky smooth and is my go to floss for sure.

The brilliant news is is that it's now available in the UK from Eternal Maker. I usually order from the USA so this is great news! Eternal Maker will be stocking a smallish range of floss to see how it sells and are also getting the colour cards in so you can match threads to your projects. The floss they are stocking is also already separated into 2 strands and comes on a spool, no more knots or splitting 6 stranded floss - whoop!

Finally I've also managed to get quite a bit of work done on my English Paper Piecing.

The pattern is called Carnival and the tutorial and templates are on Katy's blog. You can also buy her fussy cutting template kit so you can cut your fabrics with the required seam allowance making the whole project very easy! 

I'm using Kona grey for the centres and 1001 peeps by Lizzy House for the rings, it will be a huge cushion when finished.

Hopefully I'll get chance to blog again before Hunter and I head to the smoke (excuse me whilst I just do a giddy dance)


  1. Woot! So excited for you. Wish I could be there to join the fun - mwah!

  2. [does and excited dance!!!] Can't wait until next weekend roomie! Swoon pouch is lush and love your sewing kit too.

  3. Your spring carnival cushion it going to be great! Have a fab time at FQ retreat. So wish I was going, maybe next year!

  4. See you next weekend lovely!! X

  5. Looks like you had fun with the kitchen quilting guild. See you next weekend.

  6. Yay you, very productive :o) See you next week!

  7. Wow! Your paper piecing project looks amazing! I am so definitely going to have to give this a go :)


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