Friday, 4 May 2012

Summersville in da house!

As promised today's blog post is all about the Summersville!

You really must have been hidden under a rock if you've not heard of this fantastic, highly anticipated and eagerly awaited line of fabric designed by the loveliness that is Lu Summers for Moda fabrics.

Lu is a designer extrodinaire and her Etsy shop is full of goodies made from her own screen printed designs. You can buy anything from mugs to tape to posters, all carrying her fantastic eye catching designs.

Now I can smugly say that I, (well when I say I, I clearly mean Hunter) is also the proud owner of not one but two gorgeous quilts made from Summersville. 

The first was made by Katy.

And the second by Lynne.

My heart not only skips beats because these quilts are made from a seriously great line of fabric and not even because they are made by two of the most well known British modern quilters (I do feel truly lucky to have a quilt of theirs mind) but mainly because they are made by two of my best friends, for my baby. Enough said.


  1. I bet you cried again posting that! They are both gorgeous.

  2. I love these fabrics! And the quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How lovely!!! What wonderful friends to have - the quilts are just perfect. Hope Hunter will have lots and lots of snuggly time in them!

  4. Beautiful quilts and brilliant friends. Di x

  5. Aww, shall I pass the tissues again? They're fab, and such a great line too :o)

  6. Fabulous! Such great quilts! My layer cake of Summersville arrived today...WOOT!!

  7. That's one lucky baby! Gorgeous quilts. :-)

  8. That is just the coolest! Both of these ladies are awesome, and of course, Summersville is awesome! Hunter is a lucky lad to already have such amazing quilts!


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