Monday, 12 September 2011

Hello anyone out there?

I'm crap I know that! If Blogger had an award for the most irregular blogger I'd win, hands down. For sure.

This summer has been mostly spent sleeping, seriously. I haven't sewn a thing in months and was actually contemplating giving up the ghost. Some of you who tweet with me will already know the reason for this extreme tiredness, those of you who don't know I promise it's a whole post on its own!

Anyhow today I've felt better, almost human so I dusted the old girl down and did a bit of sewing. It was great!

This is a tumbler pillow that I started on Friday following instructions from the lovely Katy who needed to practice a workshop she's running next week at Patch Fabrics. I think there are some spaces left if you'd like to make your own gorgeous cushion like mine! Just get in touch with the lovely Claire at Patch and she'll let you know! 

For my cushion I used the very girly Flower Sugar to go with 'Little Miss H's' bedroom decor as that's where the pillow will live! I only had the binding to make and sew on today and it was an easy finish of a gorgeous project!!

Now this little lap quilt for 'Little Miss H' has been completed for a while now but I don't think I've blogged the Ta Dah! moment!! It was too windy today to get a good outdoor shot but when I can I'll show you it properly - promise!

Finally I managed to complete this little shrug over the summer which is heading my neice's way as it's not really big enough for 'Little Miss H'. Ooops!

Thanks for bearing with me and I promise I'll try and blog a bit more regularly. But then you've heard it all before ;)


  1. Nice to see you back on my blog roll :) I hope things are moving along smoothly for you xx

  2. You cannot be a worse blogger than me! I have only just returned after a very very long break! Glad you have returned, your makes are lovely! really cute little shrug. xx

  3. Hurrah! Lovely finishes. I really wish I lived close enough to do the workshop, cushion is fab and looking forward to seeing more photos of quilt.

  4. Your pillow is lovely Justine!!
    I bet you and Katy had lots of fun with the practice workshop!

  5. wow you have been busy! I love your pillow and your quilt!! Is the tumbler pattern difficult. It looks brilliant. Im crap at blogging too! lol xx

  6. Lol, don't worry, us bloggers are still here! The cushion looks fab, love the quilting on it too. Hope all OK
    Ceri x

  7. Love your pillow! Stop apologizing - we're still here. Everyone needs a break from time to time!

  8. I know exactly what you mean, I struggle to post and even more to read and comment - especially this week as I have finally started to sew! xx

  9. The pillow is very pretty and girl. Love flower sugar.

    Can't wait to see a nice shot of the lap quilt. Looks fun from what I can see! :)

  10. You'd have to get passed me first for the title of irregular blogger!
    Lovely cushion, which I could attend one of Katy's courses.
    Looking forward to seeing more pics of quilt and I never realised you can knit, multi skilled!!
    Take care Jenny x

  11. I love your makes, nice to see you back.

  12. And there was me fevourishly scrolling down to get to the bit where you showed the block you had made for your bee buddy who's month it was in JULY ;-)

  13. Well, Justine - you've certainly been missed, but then I just thought it was summer and I've been rather lax as well, so....... Anyway, looking forward (with hope) to hearing why you've been so tired - I think I can guess, but don't want to ruin any surprise you may have. Blessings...

  14. Oh we can wait, you have more important things going on in life so I wouldn't worry! Lovely makes, especially the cushion. Bethx

  15. I'm sooo pleased to see this post and read about your sleeping all summer - I had been on the verge of emailing to check if everything was okay....sounds like it is, yay!

    Must feel good to be doing a little sewing again....I'm not managing any and I guess I won't for a while yet....but that's okay! Juliex


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