Tuesday, 26 July 2011

rain rain rain

Yep you guessed it, that's all it did whilst we were on holiday in Cornwall last week. Extremely disappointing but kind of to be expected, this is the Great British weather we're talking about!

Anyhow a few (loads really!) pictures of our week away::

The week started off in a Yurt which was lovely, it would have been so much better if it had been dry and warm though. 'Little Miss H' was hysterical during the night because of the noise from the gale force winds and torrential rain pouring down us, by night three we had booked into a hotel!!!

Whilst on the campsite we met a great Dutch family, 'Master M' found a great friend in the son and they exchanged addresses so they can be penpals. Cute eh?

We had lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen on Watergate Bay which was delicious and scrummy and yummy and I can't recommend it enough.

We spent a fresh afternoon on the beach after eating at Fifteen, it was lovely.

Most importantly we had some much needed downtime as a family and rediscovered our love of Cornwall. 'Master M' is dying to give surfing a go and 'Little Miss H' loves getting her hair braided and glittery tattoo's!! 

We've already booked a swish cottage near Padstow for a couple of weeks in August next year!!!


  1. The Yurt looks so cool!! Hope you had a good holiday despite the rain xx

  2. Looks like you all had fun! Would love to stay in a Yurt!

  3. Looks like you make the most of it inspite of the weather

  4. Really sorry to read about the rain, must have been very stressful for little miss H (and you) but so glad you look like you had a great time despite the typical British start. Hope the rest of the holidays go well. Bethx

  5. Oh sorry you got rained on... we had quite a bit of rain and wind in Devon earlier in the summer in our tent - I relate - it IS scary when there isn't much fabric between you and the outdoors!

    Lovely photos and it looks like you had fun in spite of the deluge.


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