Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Urgent Fabric Fix News!!!

You're going to have to be quick for this little lot!!

I've just found out via Sew Obsessed's blog that Five Valley Design is having a closing down sale with 40% YES 40% off everything. The sale ends June 30th but believe me I bet they sell out way before then!!!
They have got loads of Amy Butler working out at approx £6/m after the deduction - way hay!! They've got loads of patterns too:: Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler & Heather Bailey!

Oh no I just off loaded another £50 to my stash, oops - I'll def. have to squat this lot before Mr. G sees it!!!

Get over there now, stock your stash and be happy - let me know what you buy!!!!


  1. sorry for being a bad influence!!!
    I'm very tempted to buy some daisy chain prints but I'm trying to show some restraint!
    Can't wait to see what you bought

  2. @sew obsessed

    Jenny it's really not funny is it all this stash spending! Oh and I got some daisy chain fabric to make the 'Socialite Dress' by Anna Maria Horner - had the pattern a while!! I'll post pics when it all arrives!
    Justine xx

  3. yay. thanks for letting us know. and I am relieved it's not just me who is spending every paycheck on fabric. I don't even blog about it anymore as it might make me look obsessed (and the other half might see. oops)

  4. You are such a bad influence, not only have I just been and bought a load of fabric, last week I bought a load of wool ready to teach myself to crochet, all because of what you had posted ! Now I just need you to recommend me a teach yourself to crochet book and I will be away :) xx

  5. just spent a few pounds on it myself. thanks for letting us know.

  6. @Maria
    Hi Maria!! I've taught myself really from the Attic 24 blog tutorials. I'll email you later this eve with a couple of books I use too!! J xx


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