Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Crafty Kinda Lazy Day......

As I'm at work tomorrow I thought I'd have a relaxing (ish) day to myself! Being the cruel mummy I am I sent the kids off to the childminder's bright and early this morning and they'll be home with their daddy anytime now! They love it there, their friends go, the garden is huge, they have picnics and all manner of fun, its like a day out!

So what have I done today then, I have at last started and finished my apron for the 'Great Apron Swap 2010', Elka it'll be winging its way to you on Friday, just a bit of finishing to do this evening - was that an 'hooray' I heard from across the pond??!! Here's a sneak preview::

I also had more fabric stashing fun which really is not funny, I need to cut my cards up, really I do. This lovely piece arrived for me this morning, its Alexander Henry 'Around the World' and is from Seamstar.

This morning in the lush quietness of just me in the house (it's a rareity, believe me) I was catching up with the updates from the blogs I follow when I came across this::

This is a quilt from Nettie at her blog 'A Quilt is Nice' and I just love it, her blog is also very lovely and the fairytale fabric in this quilt is even more lovely. I HAD TO HAVE IT. So I set about my mission I emailed Nettie, demanding to know what the fabric is and where I could get some. It is indeed, (I should have guessed really), Alexander Henry and the fabric is sold as a panel with all the fairytale squares on it. Absolutley ideal for my little one and my niece's Christmas pressie quilt (that's forward planning for you!) Needless to say I ordered 2 panels, hopefully it will be here soon all the way from here.

Over the next week or so I'm expecting lots of goodies in the post::
* My apron from Elka for the 'Great Apron Swap 2010'
* An 'I Spy' charm pack from Etsy
* Alexander Henry Fairytale panels
* A card & some envelopes from Folksy
* Lots of fabric from 5 Valley Designs closing sale
* Writing paper from amazon for the handwritten letter swap
* Crochet Yarn
* Fabric Addict Swap goodies
* Handwritten letter from the swap

I will of course let you know as they arrive!! How very exciting. Now to finish off the post as the little people have just arrived home, here is a picture of my fab dog Kuma::

This is how she's spent most of the day, bless her she must be sweltering with all that fur!
And this is what I'm going to be doing next.......



  1. OK but how's the cutting going? That panel is fab by the way.

  2. @Lynne

    Lynne, I have got to grips with the rotary cutter, I used it to cut the apron out! I'm hopefully going to take a look at the block business this evening!!

  3. I bet your postman curses you with all the parcels you receive!
    & lovely, quirky quilt.

  4. That quilt looks ace. Will look forward to seeing the i-spy charm pack, I have seen them but have not ordered one yet, will wait and see yours first !

  5. OMG, from reading your list and spying your fabric purchase I just went over to Vally designs and bought fabric!!!
    Lovely bargains over there.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  6. @Courtney
    Courtney, most of the parcels are your fault cos you send them!!!

  7. @Maria
    Maria, I've been toying with the idea of getting the I Spy charm pack for a while but on a whim decided I would! I'll blog some pics when it arrives!!

  8. @Sophie - Chez Sophie

    Sorry Sophie for being a bad influence!!!

  9. Your pooch is lovely, Kuma is a great name.

  10. The posty is gonna love you this week. I've got some fabric comeing too and hopefully my international tilda swap goodies. xxx

  11. @Crafty Chops

    Why thank-you, its a shortened name taken from the show kennels she came from 'Kumatomo'. Cute. We thought so!

  12. @Pixiedust

    Hooray for getting things in the post!! Looking forward to seeing your goodies too now!!

  13. You my dear, are a very very naughty lady! I just had to pop over to 5 Valley the other day...The fabric arrived today and it's so delicious I've ordered more (just don't tell Husband).xxx

  14. @CraftyHelen
    Hi Helen, I'm sorry and I promise we won't tell the hubby!! I think my parcel is at the PO, they tried to deliver it yesterday while I was at work and it wouldn't go through the letterbox!!!!!


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