Monday, 14 June 2010

Where on earth does time go.......

I can't believe it's almost a week since my last entry, I never meant to have such a gap and now I've got lots of disjointed stuff to blog!!

Firstly, I have at last finished my block for the Fresh Modern Bee 2 and this will be posted back to Amy in the USA tomorrow.

Here is my block partaking in a spot of ironing before tackling the washing-up in the background!! (Ha Ha - we decided to post pics of our quilts in action rather than the usual serious pictures!) It's by no means perfect, my points are a bit out and it's not quite square but rather than unpick it all and risk ruining it I'm posting it back to Amy as is and she will hopefully be able to use it. I really, really hope she can use it as I am very proud of it, it is after all my very first attempt at 'serious and proper' quilting and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Next up::

This beauty was grabbed in the local charity shop at the weekend. I saw it. I loved it. I had to have it. I went away to think about it. I discussed with Mr. G. I went back the next day and bought it. Yay!

I also got this gorgeous oil painting which I spied when I went back into said charity shop to find a strapping man to help me lift the bureau into my car! I must point out however that 'Little Miss H' and I had managed to get the bureau outside to the car unaided, we just weren't quite strong enough to lift the bureau high enough over the car side and into the back seats - we had the roof down!!

The painting is divine and is for 'Little Miss H's' bedroom, I'm thinking I may change the frame for a white one as its just a faux wood (plastic!) frame its in currently....

Now the bureau I am unsure with what to do at the moment....... do I leave as is (which my dad said I should) or do I strip and paint a lovely pale grey colour in a shabby chic stylie?? Answers in the comments section please!

My final photo is of the Amy Butler fabric I got in the 5 Valley closing down sale, I was saving it for Sunday Stash yesterday but completely missed the boat. This I am blaming Mr. G for, he had his very messy (by all accounts!) stag do all day on Saturday and well into the wee hours of Sunday. I'm sure you can all imagine the state he was in yesterday so needless to say I had no 'me time' to blog!

Finally, I am heading to the post office tomorrow to collect a parcel which I think is from Blueberry-Heart for the Fabric Addict swap. I am still awaiting my Alexander Henry Fairytale panels and my apron for the Great Apron Swap 2010 to arrive from the USA. I have nearly completed my Strawberry Swap and this will be posted by the weekend, I am yet to start my Boudoir Swap make but know what it is, just a matter of doing it!!!


  1. Hi Justine
    The block looks fantastic! I would be over the moon to use it in my quilt.
    Also you are going to have to give me details of where your charity shops are, as I rarely make good finds like that these days :)
    ps love shabby chic but if its 1930's or earlier i'd leave it as it is coz you may regret stripping it in 20 years or so!

  2. I love your block ironing (and your ironing board cover). Your block looks great - I can't believe you are so new to quilting. As for the bureau I would strip it and paint it pale grey - as I think it would bring it more up to date but it looks great as it is too if you prefer. It's really about what looks best in your house. (Love the Love Fabrics too - I have the green and purple one bought previously for the backing on my sampler quilt)

  3. @Courtney
    Hi Courtney!
    How was the holiday? I really don't know what period the bureau is from nothing on it that dates it, the newspaper lining the drawers was 1979! I'm just going to let it sit til we come back from the hols I think!!

  4. @A

    I was thinking pale grey would look great in our house, but then it would good as is too! I think I'll decide when its been insitu for a while! Thanks for the positive comments about my quilting - always good to hear!! J xx

  5. What a very pretty painting! As for the bureau, personally I'm with your dad, I would leave it as it is. What a great find.
    Vivienne x

  6. I think you did very well with your quilt, I have never tried one, it looks very time consuming. I just started our swap and was pleased to see something familiar in your fabric stash - not saying which one!

  7. @Mrs Yappy Dog

    Very good! I will dedicate time to your goodies later this week, still a good chance I'll be able to post it on Saturday!!

  8. Your quilt block looks great. I would go for shabby chic with the bureau :)

  9. Lovely finds. And fabric is very pretty.
    Hope you have a good day.

  10. absolutely gorgeous. and for a newbie, well let me just say it this way, this makes be bow my head in shame.

    well done. would look great with some neutral sashing.

  11. I love your quilting block, especially the colours together. Also love the bureau, my Gran had one very similar which my sister now has, I would leave as is but it depends on your decor and if it will fit in.


  12. Looks like you have had a good week (hope Mr G is fully recovered - do you have a hen planned?).

    I always love it when people strip and paint woodwork but I can never bring myself to do it - I just love wood too much. Might be worth stripping and waxing....would probably go slightly lighter and you'd see the grain of the wood better. Your idea of leaving it for a while before deciding like a good plan. Juliex

  13. @Julie Rutter

    Hi Julie, I'm having my hen we come back! I know all back to front but not really got time to organise a weekend away before we go so the girls will go away later in the summer!!! I've neever stripped anything in my life but the waxing idea is good too!!

  14. Hi Justine, I will add you to my Pay it Forward gift recipients so you now need to send to 3 more! I'll be in touch for your address etc. Lynda xxx

  15. @LaaLaa

    Oh Thanks Lynda! I'll do a post on it tomorrow, you're too kind!!


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