Monday, 7 June 2010

Show & Tell Sunday....

I know I'm a day late but it's a work thing!!

I decided to join in with the Show & Tell fun when I saw it on Joe's blog last month.The topic for this month is your favourite book, well I have a couple so decided to list mine in categories::
First up - Children's Book.

This is my all time modern favourite children's book, it helps that it's also 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M's' favourite too!! The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson just has so much to offer, its got beautiful rhymes, amazing pictures, a story that lends itself to actions with young children and helps build memory skills in older children. My two haven't tired from this fabulous story yet and they're 7 and 5!

Current Favourites::Yes that's right I have 'Twiglight' fever. I read the whole series before I viewed the films and much as I love the movies, the books are soooo much better, oh and I'm definitely team edward. Just in case you wondered.

Longtime Favourite::

Yes that's right another popular series, the Harry Potter collection of books. Again these have been read several times, definitley before I've watched the movies and I just love them. Mine have got the children's covers so that they will be more appealing to the little people when they are competent enough readers but I daresay I'll end up buying the collection again for fear of them damaging my copies. I'm a bit anal like that!!

Where it began::

I've always been an avid reader and enjoyed all the books I read at school which led me to do English Literature A-Level and then onto an English & Eductaion degree. It was reading this book though that really got me hooked::

I found Irvine Welsh at a time when for many, reading fades into the background, for me however finding this unique, very modern and gritty author just further gave me the reading bug. Period. In the middle of my book shelf is a collection of well read, well worn, some might even say battered, Irvine Welsh novels. I love them. They remind me of a mispent youth! Nobody dare touch them, as other books rotate in and out of our house, this collection is always there shining down on me.

Now in writing this post I realise that I haven't read anything new for some time (except craft books!) and that Mr. Welsh has even added to his collection, so I'm off to The Book Depository now!


  1. Have you read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon?
    If not I think you would enjoy that..x

  2. @Emma

    I have and I'd forgotten about that one, you see there are just so many good books out there! Thanks Em and loved your latest post, made me need a trip to London as not been for 10+ years!

  3. Thanks for this, fellow Muggle, or are you secretly a wizard? Actually, all quilters are using magic if you ask me. Lots of hard work and a bit of magic.

  4. @Nadine Saupe
    Nadine I agree totally, secretly I'm a witch you know and am just posing as a muggle!!!

  5. I completely agree with your choice of the Gruffalo and also Twilight and Harry Potter. I'm a real re-reader of books too. Nothing better than sitting down with something familiar. It sounds like you enjoy reading as much as I do. Will need to give Irvine Welsh a go.....but a trip to Amazon is so dangerous! Juliex

  6. We have such similar taste! I have read the Harry potter series so many times and listen to Stephen fry reading it on my iPod every night. Hee hee! Also obsessed with Twilight, books and movies can't wait for the new one later this month. M x

  7. @Julie Rutter

    Julie, Irvine Welsh is great but very gritty, you should know him from his acclaimed 'trainspotting' novel. This will give you some idea of his writing style! I can send you one of my books in the post to borrow if you like. Justine xx

  8. @Mandy Noble

    I really fancy the HP books on audio but aren't they way expensive? Have you seen the countdown at the bottom of my blog for Eclipse? Can't wait!


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