Thursday, 17 June 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

As some of you may be aware I started taking part in 'Show & Tell Sunday' just this month, after seeing some of the lovely May posts here and here.

The idea originates from Joe's lovely blog and it was a cool surprise when she asked if I'd be interested in hosting the next couple of 'Show and Tells'. (I think I was probably the only person who put forward ideas for themes when she asked at the end of her June post, rather than me being someone special!!)

So I am happy to tell you that for July and August I will take the guantlet and lead the fab 'Show and Tell' project. It's like been a school teacher all over again! Eeek.

So the theme for July is none other than Favourite Song.

Now if you're like me this will be massive, I have a favourite song for every occassion. My life has been mapped out by music. I love it. Mr. G says I need to remember I am now the wrong side of 30 and no he will not accompany me to a Dizzee Rascal and Lily Allen concert. How boring (Dizzee is the man) and this from the man who had never been to a gig, not one single gig until he met me, he clearly hadn't lived. Why am I marrying him again, it certainly isn't for his love of music I can tell you!! He told me I'd be the oldest rocker in town if I went to a Dizzee gig at the MEN and he couldn't let me embarrass myself. How rude.

Anyway enough of my waffling, I'm hoping that by hosting 'Show and Tell Sunday' I'll get a few more participants via readers of my blog that may not read Joe's blog. You know what I mean.

So get your thinking caps on:: SUNDAY 4th July Favourite Song

You just need to get the button from my side bar and use in your post and let us know a little about your kinda music!!

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  1. Hi there and thanks for taking up the challenge! I'll have a go, although like you, how could I choose just one? I'll have to get thinking...


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