Friday, 4 June 2010

Have a great weekend...

Just thought I'd do a quick post this evening as I'm working all weekend, 12hrs per day. Yes I know it's rubbish but unfortunately that's just how the cookie occasionally crumbles in my job!

Well so far from my list of expected goodies via Mr. Postman I have received my handwritten letter from the swap I'm taking part in and the fabric I ordered from Five Valley Designs. I must say however that I am gutted with my order from Five Valley as though they have gladly taken my hard earned cash for a huge order of 7m in total of 5 prints, they have actually only sent me 2m in total, 0.5m each of 4 of the designs ordered. They have sold out of all the prints I ordered so goodness knows what they will do to rectify the situation, I'm well annoyed I can tell you. I have emailed them and am waiting a reply.

Now the sandals above are what 'Master M' chose himself today ready for the holidays! They are by the lovely Ricosta and are made of neoprene so he can get them wet and they'll dry easily. The Ricosta sandals below are the ones 'Little Miss H' chose::

The soles on Ricosta shoes are great for kids as they are so springy and flexible - great for all the walking we'll be doing in Florida!!

Anyway must dash, early start tomorrow.......


  1. I hope you can enjoy some of the weekend despite the working.

    Victoria x

  2. @Florence and Mary

    Oh I'm sure I'll indulge in a little pimms sat on the doorstep with Mr. G this evening when I get home!! Justine xx

  3. What a shame, especially after giving them great publicity ... did you see my email? all is not lost - is where I ordered mine from and they don't seem to have any shortage, plus their normal prices are the same as the 'sale prices' of FV. Take a look. Having said that, mine hasn't arrived yet average delivery is 6 working days, so fingers crossed as one is for our swap (tee hee)!

  4. Hi Justine. I only ordered half metre pieces and all bar one was in stock. I have received a Paypal refund for the one that had run out. I'm sure that it will be sorted out for you. xx

  5. Oh Florida - wonderful!! Enjoy your Pimms this weekend, sorry to hear you are working, but as thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow you may get to miss the downpours x

  6. Think that is partly my fault! I ordered some of those at a metre each and got all except spots. I was refunded via pay pal so I am sure yours will get sorted. X


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