Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good evening peeps!

I've been sewing away this evening so thought I'd do a little post before I hit my bed - doesn't this heat tire you out? I'm not complaining merely commenting!

I can't show
you what I've been working on this evening as it's for the lovely Mrs. Yappy Dog who is my Boudoir Swap partner, I've made really excellent progress and the parcel will be posted out by the weekend so watch out for it Betty! I can however show you the Strawberry Swap parcel that I sent to my partner Lynne in Australia (no blog unfortunately) a couple of weeks ago.

I sent a strawberry re-useable shopper, strawberry napkins, lip balm, soap, lollipop, notebook, Cath Kidston strawberry fabric in 2 colourways, some strawberry buttons and ribbon and I handmade a felt strawberry keyring! I'm still awaiting my parcel from Lynn but as it's winter in Oz she's struggling a little but assures me it will arrive soon - unfortunately I've still not received my apron from the Great Apron Swap 2010, very dissapointing as I really don't think I will ever receive it, just a hunch.

This week I ordered a couple of bits from fellow bloggers Emily Pickle and Muddy Puddle Crafts.

Hair clips are
a necessity in our house for 'Little Miss H' (me too when my fringe gets too long and I can't be bothered going to the hairdressers!)

And I simply jumped at the chance to get a mini
inspiration plaque from Jo when she offered
them to her blog readers for a mere fiver - how cute will it look hanging on my craft shelves?

I also wanted to show you some lovely jewellry we've had made for 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M' to wear on our wedding day, gifts from us to them you might say on our family's special day.

'Little Miss H's' is made from multi-coloured freshwater pearls with sterling silver clasps. The necklaces pendant features a shell, heart and traditional pea
rl and the bracelet has her initial on it.

'Master M's' on the other hand features a sharks tooth in sterling silver and his is made from blue and red shell beads, again with sterling silver clasps. His bracelet also has his initial on.

Both sets are just gorgeous and so in keeping with our beach wedding. They are from a company that was called 'The Children's Jewellery Co'
, who have now unfortunately stopped trading. I found them in the ads in some random magazine last year (possibly Junior Magazine) and have bought lots of stuff from them. They sold quality hand crafted kids jewellry that was no more expensive than the high street but with way more street cred - I just cannot stand tat!

Finally for this evening I wanted to share some fab photo's of the kids sports day that was this afternoon - in fact we have had the most lovely afternoon today......

The sun was shining, there was a good turn out of parents to watch the event, lots of laughing and cheering and we even took the little folk out of school early when sports day had finished so we could go meet daddy at the 'mucky pub' ('Master M' phrase - he got it from my mum!) and yes we watched the football. Well I say watched, I had to sit in the beer garden with 'Little Miss H' as it was way too loud for her and she was getting quite upset but we enjoyed a glass of wine or two in the sunshine so all was well! (clearly we knew from the cheers from inside the pub what was going on in the match!)

Well I really must get myself to bed, I have to be up and out of the house early tomorrow morning, no not for work, not even to take the little people to school (my lovely childminder will be doing that for me!) Have you guessed yet??????

I'm going to treat myself and get queueing early doors at the O2 store to try and get my hands on the new iPhone.........................very limited stock don't you know and I simply must have one!


  1. Hi Justine, beautiful keepsake jewellery you have chosen for the children. Your strawberry swap looks just so pretty. Hope you are making steady progress with the wedding and bridesmaid dresses. All the best - Betty x

  2. Lovely strawberry goodies :) Good luck with the phone....hope you get one!

  3. hi justine lovely post, you must all be getting very excited about the wedding now! the children's jewellery is lovely.
    hold on in there re the apron swap - i too had one that i didn't think was going to arrive, sent emails - no replies - then out of the blue it arrived - the lady had had family problems and hadn't been able to send it before!!! so fingers crossed - but it is always disappointing i know!!!
    sports day looked a great day with lots of happy smiling faces...
    enjoy your new phone and have a great day!

  4. The jewellery is lovely what a shame they no longer trade. Sports day looks fun, ours is a couple of weeks away yet, but allways a nice afternoon x

  5. Oh what a lovely post. So when is the wedding? It all sounds very exciting.

  6. @Mrs Yappy Dog

    Hi Betty, the progress is good thus far on the bridesmaids front! Hopefully will have them finished by the end of the weekend! Just finishing off your swap as we speak then the dresses have my full attention!! J xx

  7. @Josie-Mary

    Hi Joe, I didn't get an iPhone after all that - the shop had 2, 2 I tell you how poor is that when there were 70+ people in queue!!They took names from everyone and we will get a call as they come into the store - alledgedly!! J xx

  8. @mad about bags

    Excited is an understatement, we fly 3 weeks today - can't wait! Justine x

  9. @Maria

    Hi Maria, sports day was great especially since last year had to be cancelled due to rain!! Justine xx

  10. @Nadine
    Hi Nadine, we go to the USA 3 weeks today and we get married on 24th July! Justine xx

  11. Sports day looked like fun, the kids smiles say it all, cant wait for more wedding news(please keep us up to date)Jo x ps thanks for the mention, glad you like it.

  12. I hope Lynn likes her strawberry goodies!

  13. @Muddy Puddle Crafts

    Hi Jo, I will def.keep evryone updated on the wedding front! Justine xx

  14. @maryannlucy

    Me too, thanks for the idea for the strawberry bag, I use mine all the time!! Justine xx


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