Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fresh Modern Bee 2 In Action!!

Well I've a few things to catch up with you all on but the most important has got to be my piecing of some squares for the 1st month of the Fresh Modern Bee 2. I hope Amy likes them!

To be more than honest I was a tad scared of even starting as this really is my first proper attempt at quilting! Luckily we had a great tutorial to follow from the infamous 'Film in the Fridge' blog so all is going well so far, the 4 squares above will be sewn into 1 large block. Now I had said that I would make 2 blocks for Amy, which is 8 squares in total but I have run out of fabric (very annoying I must say) and I'm not sure if it's because I've made an error or there simply wasn't enough fabric supplied, though to be honest there aren't a lot of scraps left over so I'm hoping it's the latter!!

So I have made 5 complete squares with 1 incomplete that can be finished with fabric from my stash. What I can't do unfortunately is complete the other 2 squares as I just don't have the variety of the right coloured fabric in my stash. It's poop I know because I feel like I'm letting Amy down but hey ho I can only do what I can!

Finally this week I posted my apron to Elka as part of the Great Apron Swap 2010 and my handwritten letter to Peg in Canada as part of the Handwritten letter swap, here are the parcels ready for the Post Office.

Mmmm, talking of the post I received the very lovely 'I-Spy' charm pack from Amy of 'Diary of a Quilter', this will go in my stash until I get chance to make a quilt with it, hopefully sometime this year!

The fabrics are all gorgeous and the piccies above are just a selection, believe me!

Now I wonder what's in this box that came today?? A ring for moi maybe......


  1. Your block looks great, I am going to work on mine this weekend - I hope I have enough fabric as I don't think I will have anything matching in my stash either.

  2. Oh no now I've just seen something else I'd like to make! An eye spy quilt. What a neat charm pack. Love your strings very much. Feeling guilty about my string quilt still not finished, boo hoo. I know I still owe you an email which I will get on will soon, promise!

  3. The blocks look great Justine. Thanks for showing the i-spy pack I think I will go for one now, was waiting to see yours :)

  4. Lovely. see this is why I can't join a Bee. I could not do this sort of block by hand, because hand sewn seams can't be cut after sewing as the fabric would come apart. :( (maybe I should get a machine after all)

  5. Well done with your quilting, it looks brilliant. The squares will look great when sewn up.
    Your little box looks very ring maybe? Juliex

  6. Love all those greens Justine, very pretty! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Perfect quilt for a starter, and such fresh colors - wish I had some to send to you to help finish up those last squares. And those I Spy fabrics are going to make a wondersul quilt!

  8. Your string blocks look great. I can't believe they are some of your first attempts at quilting, can't wait to see more.

  9. @Julie Rutter

    Ha ha Julie, you're right it was my wedding ring!!

  10. @Maria
    No worries Maria I knew you wanted to see the charm pack so I tookplenty of pics for you!! J xx

  11. @Peg

    Thanks Peg I wish you could send me some too!! Justine xx

  12. @sew obsessed

    Thanks for the encouragement Jenny!

  13. your blocks look great, really like the colour choice, so fresh & bold

  14. Those colours are fabulous, I love AB, she has such a good ring?? how lovely x


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