Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafty Sunday #2, Sunday Stash # 51 & AOB!!

Good morning people! Yes I'm aware that it's actually 16:30 but since I'm working nights this weekend and I have just got up, it is actually morning. To me anyway.

Now as you may or may not be aware, it depends when you last popped by, I decided to join in the Crafty Sunday fun over on the blog Me and Ma. It looks like great fun and a good way to round up a weeks craftiness by showcasing what you've been doing. If you're interested in joining in just head over to the Me and Ma blog. Now!

So without further a do here is a picture of something from this week that I can actually show you!

Yes it is a finished curtain, hanging in all its glory in the kitchen! It needs a little more work on it this week, I'm going to lower the hem a couple of inches and space the curtain rings out a little more evenly and of course make its pair!!

So I must admit I'm a little disappointed that that is the only crafty picture I can show you as I've had a really productive week this week, but as most of it has been for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap, you're going to have to wait for me to show the pictures so that the surprise isn't spoilt for my swap partner MaryAnnLucy!

Also this week I also joined in the with the Flickr group 'Sunday Stash' which I found out about from this lovely blog! Basically this is a long standing group whereby the members, who I have to say are mainly quilters, post a photo of a new fabric splurge or a photo of their existing stash. It's very simple and a great way to come across new fabrics which is always a bonus! So my entry for this week is this

I bought the fabric from here in the states a couple of months ago specifically to make the sew liberated schoolhouse tunic it's Echino by Etsuko Furuya released in Autumn 2009 and is japanese of course! I haven't even cut into it yet as it's sooo beautiful!! Here is a web image of the fabric so you get a better idea of the full scale of the print as it's printed across the full width. Yummy!

I want to make the tunic so it has the dark border and the birds around the hem and the lighter border and the flying birds around the yoke and across the top of the tunic. Mmm.

Now I had mentioned that along with the curtaains I have done other crafty-ness that I cannot show the results of just yet but here in words is what I've done: completed my friends very late birthday gift, completed the handmade element of my swap parcel, sewn and stuffed the arms and legs of 'Little Miss H's' ragdoll!

To do list for this week!
finish curtains
finish ragdoll
work on Fabric Addict swap parcel
work on apron for Great Apron Swap 2010

Have a lovely evening whilst I'm at work won't you?


  1. Love the curtain, and the fabric! sounds like you have a lot to do this week! good luck. Lisa x

  2. Brill curtains and love the fabric in your stash.. Soo sorry you were not on the list, I had put you on but then realised I had only put 'list 6' for some reason, obviously didn't think I would get so many people wanting to get involved ! Sorted now though xx

  3. Love the curtain so bold and colourful it really makes a statement, well done !

  4. @Maria
    Hi Maria, thanks for getting me on the list!! Its a great idea so I'm not surprised people are wanting to be involved! Justine xx

  5. Oh hey Justine, great to find you (or be found whichever way you look at it). and Huddersfield is just around the corner. finally I don't feel quite so alone anymore. the north of England can be a bare place for modern quilters like ourselves. Any suggestions for quilt shows and craft fairs in the area?

  6. Yeah another english quilter!!

  7. @Mandy Noble

    Well that's a little white lie really as I'm yet to actually make my 1st quilt but its all good, I'm brimming with ideas,just finishing off other bits before I start! Justine xx

  8. The curtains look great - your kitchen must be very bright and cheery. I love your Echino fabric and think it will look good for the schoolhouse tunic. That's a pattern I'm hoping to have a go at soon too. Juliex


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