Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A quick round -up!

In light of the fact that everyone, except me, in our house has got a sickness bug (yuk!) I'm not getting much time to sew. The little people are being clingy and Mr. G is flat out in bed trying to sleep it off, poor thing he really does look a sorry site! This blinking bug has been doing the rounds since last Thursday, poor 'Little Miss H' is now on bout two and 'Master M' is highly disappointed I've sent him back to school when his sister is now off! To be honest I too feel quite nauseaus but in my line of work I'm immune to most stuff and so it probably won't develop into flow blown sickiness (here's hoping anyway!).

So a few bits to share with you. In light of my lack of bag lining knowledge my fab pal Dawn over at Pop-i-cok has done me a little visual step-by-step tutorial on lining a bag and the fab news is she's letting me share it with all my lovely bloggy friends. So here it is.

Being a visual learner I understood it immediately, way hey! I hope some of you find it useful too, apologies for the small writing I don't know how to get it bigger but if you save the instructions and view them out of blogger I'm sure they will look OK, they do on my laptop anyway!

Now the other interesting thing I've found in blogland this last few days is that Debs over at Make Do & Mend Quilts is doing an online quilting bee type thing over the next 5 months so that we sewers who have yet to take the plunge into quilting can learn some basics.You basically work alone following Debs instructions and learn how to quilt, I'm in what about you?

Now if its a proper quilting bee you fancy where all paricipants send each other material and a design theme over a 12-15mth period and make each other blocks based on the fabrics and themes sent, these then make each person a quilt with a section designed by others in the quilting bee - cool eh? You really should head over to Lily's Quilts. I know that enough members have been found for the 1st bee but if enough people want to take part another bee is looking likely to be assembled. Lily's quilts is a great blog celebrating UK quilters who quilt using fresh modern fabrics and designs and really is worth checking out!

So for now my to do list looks a little like this:
Finish 'Little Miss H's' Ragdoll from Clothkits
Make Kitchen Curtains
Finish off the handmade element of my parcel for the 'Good Enough To Eat Swap'

I really hope to post photo's soon......


  1. Hi Justine,

    I love your blog and the gifts that you make.

    Are you Yorkshire based by any chance? Im based in Leeds and would love to get to know more local crafters without having to resort to joining the WI (the young and trendy WI hasnt made it as far north as Rodley yet!).

    Take care and hope the family feel better soon.

  2. @Crafty Chops
    Hello and yes I'm just in Huddersfield so not that far from Rodley!
    Check out blueberry park and treefall (links in my blogroll) as they are both Leeds based too! Welcome along and looking forward to getting to know you better! Justine x

  3. Hi Justine

    Thanks for popping by and joining in the swap. xxx Pixie xxx

  4. The bag instructions are great. Thanks for sharing. Juliex


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