Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Why Thanks Mr. Postman........

There was a loud knock on the front door this lunchtime meaning only one of two things. Yes, it was either the local constabulary (seriously its awful when they knock, you immediately feel guilty!) or the more likely culprit being Mr. Postman. Thank goodness it was the latter!

A bundle of parcels all addressed to little old me. Way Hey! How very exciting.

The contents of the packages looked like this.

Now the gorgeous turquoise and pink ribbon wrapped package is from the very lovely Courtney at Seamstar. I must say it is my favourite place to shop for fabric and I've made a very good friend in Courtney which is strange since we only converse via email and our blogs, though I've no doubt we will one day meet in 'real life'! I ordered some Momo 'Snip Snip' in sky to stash for 'Master M's' quilt, I was getting tetchy she would sell out so thought it best to order now!! Check out the great postcardy thing that has all sorts of useful sewing tips on it. Very handy!

Now the goodies in the pink and white tissue paper I am unfortunately not at liberty to show you, as most of it is destined for my various swap partners and if I showed the bits that were for me it would be a dead giveaway. You know what I mean!

Now the final and most exciting package is the one shown at the front of the first picture. This beauty is from Beth at The Linen Cat. Now some of you may already follow Beth's blog and those of you who don't really should. Beth was one of the first blogs I came across and I have been an avid reader since. Her online store is crammed with truly lovely handmade gifts and goodies for you and yours and the quality of her work is high.

Just check out the gorgeous packaging and attention to detail. The address label on the jiffy bag had an image of one her gorgeous linen cats on it, then when I opened it, out fell the gorgeous green card with one of her fab lavender birds on it. This was truly a surprise as I hadn't ordered a lavender bird, it was a little treat for me from Beth. Thank-you. Next out of the jiffy bag was the green gift bag shown above that was sealed with a green sticker and a 'Mini Moo card' that advertised 'the linen cat' website and when I opened that here's what I found.

I love them and they were so worth the wait! I missed out on the last batch Beth made and have been harrassing her ever since to make some more, I believe these may truly be the last batch so if you want one for yourself you need to get over to her store and buy one. Now.

Well what a scoop I've had today. I'm so pleased I ordered from Beth as I've been dying to get a good look at her packaging. For me packaging can make or break a purchase and I've been thinking long and hard about it recently. When I eventually begin selling my goods online I want to create an image in keeping with my blog header, though selling online is still sometime away for me I think I'm going to have a play around now with packaging and test it out on all my swap partners!!

PS. In case you missed out on the Fresh Modern Bee 1 & 2 check out Me and Ma's blog as she is organising another quilting bee along with forestpoppy as they were so gutted at missing out on the action of the Fresh Modern Bee's! There's is called Fresh and Funky Quilt Block Bee and will run in a similar manner to the Fresh Modern Bee's so go sign up now, guaranteed stitchy fun!


  1. What a lovely bundle of parcels. Beth's packaging is almost as beautiful as her work. She sets a very high standard for the rest of us!
    Thanks for mentioning our bee! Juliex

  2. Hi Justine, Many thanks for your very kind words and I'm thrilled you like the bunnies (and bird)! I agree on the packaging, it's one of the lovely bonuses of ordering from small on-line shops, as you've pointed out with the Seamstar packaging, even supplies come beautifully wrapped these days. I had lost my Mojo today but you've just cheered me no end so again, many thanks for that :)

  3. The snip snip is gorgeous. You're panicking me now - as soon as I read "now discontinued"!

  4. @Julie Rutter
    Hi Julie, No problems about mentioning the bee it's all exciting stuff! J xxx

  5. @thelinencat

    Beth, really its no problem, I'm thrilled I at last have some of your lovely work in my home! Justine xx

  6. Lovely goodies Justine. Thanks for linking to Fresh and Funky xx

  7. @Lynne

    Its scary stuff I agree, no time to wait when we see the fabric we love!! How exciting about the other bee setting up! I'm still pondering joining it!!! Justine xxx

  8. I'm quite sure you could squeeze us in too. No pressure at all obviously, but we'd love you to join us! Juliex

  9. Hi Justine
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments!!!
    You have been such a help on all things - I really can't thank you enough.
    And I really love reading your blog.
    ps We will meet one day - I will put it on my to-do list :)


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