Sunday, 2 May 2010

Crafty Check List Gets Smaller....

Hooray Hooray I'm actually completing some of the majorly overdue crafty business I should have finished in March! Oops!
Some of you may remember me blogging about an appliqued name picture for my friends little boy that looked like this:

Well to be honest on reflection, I wasn't that happy with it as it does resemble many other pieces of similar children's name art that is available and I just felt there was too much going on. So what to do? Try something different of course! Here it is, fresh from the embroidery hoop, straight from my very own brain!!

This is much more the look I was hoping to achieve and would look great with all kinds of fabrics for the initial letter. Unfortunately the picture quality is poor due to lack of daylight, but in essence the picture is made up of the initial 'F' in Cath Kidston 'Cowboy' (my friends favourite ever print) hand embroidered in red, onto a lovely biscuit coloured linen.The rest of the name is then hand embroidered again in a mid blue colour in chain stitch with a french knot at the top of the 'i'. A green button is also sewn on in red thread to compliment the whole thing. I am very pleased I must say.

Now from my to do list all I need 'to do' is finish my friends birthday present, which is half completed, I've decided on a large lavender bag and a coffee cozy. I will post pictures when they are finished. Soon. I promise. Tomorrow I am most certainly going to make the curtains as Mr. G is miffed he put the curtain pole up and now I haven't made the curtains! I also need to complete a jewellry roll for my mother-in-law that I had forgotten about (don't tell her!) as well as do the Roman blinds for the kids bedrooms.....Mmmm.

On a brighter note I have made contact with all my swap partners for the 3 swaps I am currently taking part in (see side bar) and am well on my way to a nice little parcel for the 'Good Enough To Eat' swap, where I am partnered with MaryAnnLucy. Ideas are in place after much emailing between myself and Elka for the 'Great Apron Swap 2010' and finally colour preferences have been exchanged between myself and Blueberry Heart for the Fabric Swap. Phew.

Now I really can't remember who pointed me in the direction of Florence's blog and this post particularly but I wanted to pass on a great project that we could all easily participate in. Because we're kind like that. How many scraps of fabric must we all have that could easily, in a small amount of time, be transformed into these wiggly bags that would then ultimately contribute to a more positive association with their central lines for many many children. I won't go into the details as Florence's post has these but I would like to add that as a children's nurse who has cared for many children with central lines, I know first hand what a difference these little bags can make at a time when lets face it, these kids feel pretty fed up. I know over the next couple of weeks I'll be making some and posting them off. I hope you guys can find the time too. Thank -you!

Blimey there seems to be loads of writing in this there post, more pictures next time, they're easier on the eye!!


  1. Love the picture Justine, very clever idea!! :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Thanks Vivienne! My crochet is coming together at last so will def. be posting some pictures this week on it! J xx

  3. Your work is lovely, and I still can't believe you fit so much into a day - do you never sleep lol!! 3 swaps too, I had better get myself sorted!
    Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday x

  4. Hi Justine, thanks for the lovely comment.
    I have been having a read of your blog and I love it, love your crafting and your birthday pressies were fab, I live in hope that my other half buys me a pandora bracelet!!!.
    Have a good week luv Sophie xxx

  5. @Sophie - Chez Sophie
    Thanks Sophie! I must say it was reading your blog that got me involved in the swaps I'm doing!

  6. The new picture is great. I'm sure it will be appreciated. I'm also impressed by how much you manage to get done. I think you must be quite an organised person.....or maybe its just that I'm not! I'll check out the blog link to Florence as it sounds like such a worthwhile thing to do.
    I really must have a think about taking part in a swap as it sounds like fun. I'll just have to track one down that seems right. Juliex

  7. @Julie Rutter
    Hi Julie! Swaps are great fun though doing 3 at once was perhaps a bit silly! I'm really not that organised I just multi task a lot and Mr. G is quite used to me say 'what' a lot when he's trying to talk to me and I'm concentrating on something else!!

  8. Hi Justine
    Just popped by to say hello and thank you for following me. Glad you are joining in the giveaway. Good luck with the draw. I too did a post about the Wiggly bags on Florences blog and have just posted my first 10. Hope to get some more done soon. It's lovely how many people have taken this on.

  9. @winnibriggs
    Hi Jenny, Thanks for popping by! I too think it's great the amount of people making wiggly bags,mine will be posted this weekend! J xx


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