Friday, 30 April 2010

My 1st Blog Award!

Wow it feels like an age since I last posted! I've been having major problems with my internet connection - we currently use a dongle (which only works when it feels like it) as we're having some issues with getting a landline connected in our new house, I swear I'll never buy a 'new-build' again!!!

I managed to get the dongle in a good mood this morning and found when I checked my blog that half the photo's I thought I'd posted on my last entry were missing - this has now been rectified so please re-read the post!! As well as finding out that the lovely Beth from over at The Linen Cat has nominated me for a beautiful blog award - woop woop!

So in order to accept the award I have to tell you all 7 random things about myself. Here goes.

1. I have 2 degrees! I gained my 1st at 21 having gone through the education system as is expected and got a BA(Hons) Education & English. I used to be a primary school teacher and when I had 'Little Miss H' (who is 7 in a couple of weeks!) I decided to have a career change and so went back to university and re-trained as a paediatric nurse!

2. I have a Japanese Akita dog. Oh No! I hear you all cry a dangerous dog with young children - rest assured she is not trained to kill and would probably lick you to death before eat you, but that is a whole other discussion!!

3. I am a bit on the post children podgy side and have embarked today on my final lose weight, tone-up scheme ever. I say this because this time I intend to stick to it and win my battle of the bulge! I need to be/will be slimmer and more toned for my wedding/holiday this July!

4. I am a parent governor at my children's school.

5. I just love coffee, freshly made on the stove, Italian style. Actually I'm wanting to buy a proper coffee maker but as they cost so much I'm a bit worried about buying one that is then rubbish so if anyone has any recommendations let me have 'em!

6. I LOVE 'GLEE'!!

7. I think we're going to emigrate to New Zealand in 2012.

Well there you have them 7 random facts about myself! I now need to pass the award onto two other blogs so I would like to nominate:

Karen at Blueberry Park and Louise at Sew Scrumptious.I find both their blogs a great read and very inspiring and look forward to their new posts. I would however at this stage like to thank all of you who read my blog, especially those who take the time to comment and to those of you who simply 'lurk' - go on make a comment it opens up a whole new world! Thanks again.


  1. Justine, thank you SO much for the award. It really does mean alot that I can be such an inspiration. Seriously. Makes it all worthwhile.

    Congrats on your award and great to read those interesting facts about you! I am obsessed with real coffee and won't go near the instant stuff, so we must definitely get together for a cup one of these days ;-)

  2. Hi Justine, I love your 7 facts. I wish you loads of luck with your tone and slim quest, I know how difficult it is to keep motivated and I think having something as wonderful as a Wedding to aim for is great. Emigrating to New Zealand in 2012, not that's what I call planning ahead :) Bethx

  3. Thank you for nominating me. Love your blog so very flattered that you like mine. Will try and post over the week-end. x

  4. I really enjoyed your 'things'. Our last dog was a german shepherd and she was the most gentle loving dog - much better with kids than Kipper our spaniel - so I have no doubts your Akita is lovely. Juliex

  5. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous, she looks like she is very cuddly, and extremely frindly.
    Congratulations on your award.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  6. @Blueberry Park

    Karen, I need no excuse for meeting for coffee so count me in! Your blog does inspire people, as does your home decor! So suave yet fun at the same time! :)

  7. @thelinencat

    Beth, you woould not believe how long we have been planning a move to NZ but finances as usual have held us back! 2012 is looking good to go though - at last!

  8. @Sew Scrumptious

    Hey Louise, Take your time with the post, we know how busy a first week at work is!

  9. @Julie Rutter

    Hi Julie, I'mjust about to pop over to you to find out if you've blogged about your award too! Like Beth I too enjoy reading your blog, though it does make me green with envy as your surroundings are so fab! Justine x

  10. Hi Justine - so sorry to have to reply to your question through your comments - blogger didn't give me your email address. Thank you so much for making some wiggly bags. In answer to your question about the cotton tape for the wiggly bags, I've found two online sources that sell the tape (a good search term has proved to be 'cotton herringbone tape' or 'cotton herringbone webbing'):

    The tape that I purchased locally was exactly 1cm wide, which is about the perfect width for threading through.

    I hope that helps and congratulations on your award.

    Florence x

  11. Hi there Justine! I'm BH your swap partner - thanks for leaving a comment and its very nice to meet you!I love doing swaps, I haven't had time since Christmas to partake in any but this one looked sooo good! If you want to, I have an email link on my sidebar so please let me know if you have any preferences, wants or fancies! I love anything neutral, be it creams or pastels , otherwise not fussy at all.
    Looking forward to it!
    Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday

    BH x


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