Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Birthday To You.....

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Nanny, Happy Birthday to you!

My nan bless her was 90 last week and yesterday we had a family get together for her at my mum's house. Here are some pics.....

Above is my youngest cousin perched near the gorgeous food that my mum got in from a local deli. Below is a picture of me and my Aunt....

and here is the birthday girl herself, my fab Nan!

I don't know if you all have the same problem with presents but choosing gifts for Nan is becoming increasingly difficult! She always tells me not to waste my money and to spend it on 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M' instead and will never let on if she really wants something, I really struggled with what to giver her for her birthday. In the end up I decided to make her some little lavender bags to go in her drawers or wardrobe.......

along with a home made birthday card seen above. She really loved them all and was really touched I made them myself. Note to self make handmade presents for Nan in future!

Once again, Happy Birthday Nan!


  1. Love those lavender bags, especially the ribbon and button. Would look lovely hanging on a dresser as well.

    Don't think you can go wrong with hand made presents (as I keep hinting to my husband whenever my birthday is near!).

  2. Hand made gifts are very special!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Nan! Spending a day with family is the perfect way to celebrate such a fantastic milestone. I love your lavender bags, especially the little button and loop. A great idea for future gifts! Thank for sharing this special day. Kim :)

  4. helloooooo!
    these are lovely! fab idea xx

  5. Hi Justine, Happy Birthday to your Nan. 90 is very impressive. I'm sure you all had a lovely day. I love your lavender bags. It's an idea I might borrow for gifts too. Thank you! Kim :)

  6. Justine - how special to be celebrating your nan's 90th birthday. She looks so sprightly. I think handmade presents must be the way to go and I can relaly undrestand why she liked yours so much. She will love knowing you out some real thought and effort into her present and they are very pretty. Juliex

    (P.S. Your last post looks fascinating but I don't have time just now to check out your threads and links etcre wool etc so I'll have to go back to it - soon hopefully!)


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