Thursday, 1 April 2010

Yummy Wool.....

I've always had a love of wooly things and my recent endeavours on the crochet front have gotten me hooked - haha get it!?

The yummy wool that was used in my crochet starter kit that I blogged about here, didn't have any labels on so I emailed the designer Rachel Henderson and she told me what make the wool was, you see I still have to make leaves for the corsages made and needed green wool! This I have now ordered a selection of at a good price from Ebay.

However having also come across this gorgeous gorgeous blog Attic 24 with many thanks to Vivienne for pointing me in its direction! I have also been tempted to buy a fab array of Debbie Bliss DK so I can have a go at some of the tutorials on this great blog! As if I don't have enough crafting ideas to keep me awake at night.

Here are my chosen colours pictured on the lovely Alexander Henry print First Spring - it's so cute and is actually available on a really good offer here from Seamstar. Below are a couple more pictures of yummy wool and some gorgeous buttons that I bought at the same time....

I got the yummy wool and buttons from a local yarn shop called Up Country based in Holmfirth, I didn't really go for or indeed require buttons but you know how tempting they are when placed in a scrummy basket by the till. The buttons are especially grand as they are handmade in Africa by local women helping them to earn money to support their families, well I couldn't say 'No' could I when I read that on the back of the package!!!

I've also invested in some great new patterns this last week from Saints and Pinners, I only went on the website to read the blog and the lovely Jo and Fran tempted me with some great new patterns they had in. Again as if I don't have enough to do! I am however pleased to report that I am nearly finished sewing a fab sewing machine cover for my lovely but currently neglected 'suzi' sewing machine (everything I love has a name!) I will def. do a post on this over the next few days.

The patterns are for a really cute 'cat' handbag for little girls and an equally cute pinny and bloomers for toddlers too, I'd been looking for a good pinny pattern for ages as all my friends seem to be producing baby gilrs at present!
Finally, today when I loggged into blogger I found that I had a new follower and so I quickly went and checked out her blog Em's Shabby Shack. I'd encourage you all to do the same as it really is a very lovely blog and the great news is that Em and fellow blogger Claire are currently organising a swap, closing date 16th April 2010, see my side bar for link! Hooray its my 1st swap, I'm so excited!

Oh I will have some further news on the wedding dress front over the next week or so, I'm in discussions with someone very special about my fabric selection....all will be revealed in good time!


  1. I love the Alexander Henry print, I have been forcing myself not to order it as I have so much fabric at the moment but it looks so cheery in the top photo with the bright wool, I may have to change my mind.

    Can't wait to hear your dress news, I love a good wedding!


  2. @thelinencat
    Hi Beth, treat yourself for Easter thats what I say as the Alexander Henry fabric is gorgeous! I'm making a little book bag out of it tonight for a 1st birthday party we're going to tomorrow. J xx

  3. Oh how good does that bowl of yarn look!!!! I'm drooling. :) Just had a thought of two more blogs that you might like for crochet- and
    Both are very good. Enjoy your hooking!
    Vivienne x

  4. @greenrabbitdesigns
    Thanks for the tip off Vivienne I have checked them out and they are both great. The Royal sisters tutorials are very good I will def. be using them! Thanks again, J xx

  5. Hello Justine,
    Lovely to see your joining in with the swap.
    Have a Happy Easter... Em x

  6. @Emma
    Thanks for popping by Em, I'm really excited about the swap been wanting to do one for a while! Justine xx


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