Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Well Hello - Again!

I've done, I've actually finished a task in the timescale I gave myself to do it! Here it is I bring to you my finished, yes that's right finished, 'Suzi' sewing machine cover!!

I love it, love it, love it! I chose Anna Maria Horner's 'Garden Party' social climber in gold and Amy Butler's 'Love' sunspots in wine to make the cover and I got the tutorial from here. It feels good to have completed one of the projects on my very long list!

I also took a photo this evening of the 'Rosali' duvet on 'Little Miss H's' bed which looks like this....

It looks really lovely and she's very pleased with it! I'm now deciding whether to buy another set so I can use the material to make her a matching roman blind...I've already got some Momo Wonderland to make the blind which looks like this

and having just dug out this picture I remembered how much I love this fabric so Momo it is!!
I've acually bought more fabric this week too from Fabric Rehab as it looked 'Good Enough to Eat' but I can't show it to you yet as I'll be using it in the swap I've signed up for!
And finally for today....I hope you like my new blog layout - Happy from Happy Loves Rosie made it all possible, check out her blog its full of kitschy, quirky happiness. Big thanks again Happy xxx


  1. Hi Justine, I love your sewing machine cover. It really is an wonderful feeling when a project comes together so well.

  2. The sewing machine cover looks great and I wish that I had somewhere the Ikea duvet would go in my house because I love that too..x

  3. Well done, your sewing machine cover looks great!
    I see there's been a spot of fabric buying too!!!!
    How's the crochet coming on?
    Vivienne x

  4. @cumquats
    Thanks so much I really am very pleased with it!! You should all make one using the tutorial I linked to!! Thanks again,Justine xx

  5. @Emma

    Thanks Emma, the duvet is so cute but you know it really won't go with the momo blind I'm going to make for Holly's room but hey ho we'll just have to rock the mashed up vintage modern look! I'm really excited about the swap, sperak soon. J xx

  6. @greenrabbitdesigns
    Thanks Vivienne! I'm chuffed with it I must say - the crochet is going well, I have now mastered the teeny tiny flowers from Attic 24 so am going to try something else over the weekend! Thanks for the encouragement/support I really do appreciate it! J xx

  7. I love your momo fabric for the blind - I really don't think little girl's rooms need to be perfectly matched - is Holly going to worry?! If she's anything like Islay the more colour and pattern the better.

    Well done with the crochet. After reading about your efforts I decided to give it a go again - I tried last summer without a great deal of succes. I bought the little kit from Blueberry Park and it all made sense. Thanks so much. I can't wait to try something like the little flowers - can you let us see yours? Juliex

  8. @Julie Rutter
    Hi Julie, you know I love the momo too and I don't think Holly will be that bothered it doesn't all match! I'm planning on taking some pictures of my crochet flowers over the weekend and getting them on the blog. I hope to start a new crochet thing over the weekend too so keep checking back!! Justine xx

  9. Love the sewing machine cover - i'm putting it on my to-do list!
    Also fab new look to your blog :)

  10. the rosali is so pretty isn't it?.....i just put it on our spare bed today!

  11. @Courtney
    Hi Courtney, the sewing machine cover was a doddle to make and the tutorial was easy to follow.I'm going to make a matching drawstring bag for the footpedal I think! Let me see the pics when you make yours! J xx

  12. @LissyLou
    Hi LissyLou - welcome to my blog and thanks for following me! Rosali is very lovely, I may even get a set in the blue for our bedroom if there's any left on my next trip to Ikea!! J xx

  13. Hi Justine, thanks for joining in my apron swap. If you could just reply to this message with your details (email and addy) that would be great. Thanks, Sarah

  14. @Sarah
    Hello Sarah, my email is justine-mullins@sky.com. I couldn't get your email link to work so if you drop me an email I'll reply with my full address - I'm happy to post worldwide. J xx


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