Monday, 26 April 2010

A Happy Smiley Day!

Today I've had a lovely day. Today was my birthday! I dropped the little people at school and then spent the day with my mum in York, persuing some much needed retail therapy.....
When I awoke this morning I was presented with the following by 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M'

I only got my Pandora bracelet for Valentine's day but I love it love it love it! The kids love choosing beads for it, in addition to todays handbag I also have a band of eternal hearts from the little people for Mother's day and a silver ball inlaid with black hearts from Mr. G. Lush.
Whilst in York we had lunch at the famous 'Betty's Tearooms' and of course went here.....

From my favourite ever ever shop I treated myself to the following, (well Mr. G did the treating actually!)A new more streamlined handbag, I am sick of carting around everything and the kitchen sink in my current CK handbag! Some oven gloves and yummy tea towels for the kitchen, an underbed storage bag (very cute) and a lovely new mug.I also treated myself to these gorgeous hareem/dhoti pants from 'Fat Face' and these cute espadrilles from River Island.

I'm sure like most mum's out there I couldn't leave the little people out so here's what I bought them.
A lovely skirt for 'Little Miss H' from Mexx and cool vest top for 'Master M' also from Mexx. 'Little Miss H' also got a fab yellow cardigan from Joules and 'Master M' got the very blue dream catcher - he keeps having nightmares and then insists on getting in bed with us, he looked at me like I'd gone mad when I told him about dreamcatchers a couple of weeks ago, (a similar look to the one he gave me when I told him his friend was stuck on holiday in Dubai because of a volcano and so 'no' he couldn't go to his house to play!) I just hope it does the trick!

In a sewing update, I have at last completed a small amount of the 'to do' list from my last post but one! I have indeed made a selection of goodies for my friend Dawn over at 'Pop-i-cok' by way of thanking her for my blog graphics. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

I made her three decorated lavender bags (one of which has one of my crochet flowers on it - woop woop!), a felt cupcake keyring and a felt flower brooch, here are closer pictures.

I am also well on my way with finishing my friends very late birthday goodies but the curtains are still not made. Oh well.


  1. ...and I love love love does Jodie-pie and she's trying her best to steal them! I MAY let her BORROW a lavender bag...
    THANKYOU :-) xx

  2. Happy got some lovely things.

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good days shopping to me! Makes are lovely and "woop, woop" indeed for the crochet flower!! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Happy Birthday! What a fantastic pile of pressies you had, love the CK haul too. Take care x

  5. Hi Justine, Just wanted to let you know I've passed along a blog award to you (come over for a read for all the details). Please don't feel you need to pass it along, I have an anti-chain letter policy and I struggle to pass along blog awards sometimes, so I will be on no way offended but I do enjoy reading your blog and wanted to let you know. Sorry for the ramble, sick kids so multi tasking :) All the best, Bethx

  6. @thelinencat

    Hi Beth thanks so much for the award! Hope your lkids are well again soon! J xx

  7. @maryannlucy

    Hello, how are you getting on with the swap goodies? I've got a few bits together but still wondering if you have a colour preference/dislike? I'd hate to make you something you don't like! J xx


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