Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring Fling 2010.......

was a great afternoon out I must say! Myself, my mum and the two little peeps headed down to the Millenium Galleries, Sheffield yesterday for craft candys annual spring craft fair, it was brilliant with a great mix of stalls selling a variety of hand-crafted items and the quality of workmanship was excellent - I have a long way to go me thinks!

Here are the little guys patiently waiting for lunch to arrive before we head into the fair. I always find it best to do these things on a full tummy, stops the whining half way round if you know what I mean and makes for a more positive day out all round...

The picture of 'Little Miss H' is poor as too much light in the background but she was in a funny old mood all day and not in any sort of mood for having her photo taken, unlike her camera shy little brother, 'Master M'!

After lunch we headed into the craft fair and here is a picture of the goodies that we acquired...

We got a selection of lovely items ranging from the gorgeous rabbit down to some vintage button earrings for moi. I've taken more photos of the items grouped by seller so that I can link to them, you must definitely check them all out as they were really lovely people whose products were of the highest standard. So here goes:

First of all we have a great rabbit that 'Little Miss H' has named Rosy. This was bought from Manda of Treefall Designs, if you don't already read her blog you should start to....
The rabbit is totally gorgeous (I've been eyeing them up on Manda's site for some time now!), is made of linen and wearing a very cute patchwork dress, 'Little Miss H' loves her and has not left her side!
Next up we have a gorgeous gorgeous knitting project bag from Sarah Waterhouse - Hand Printed Textiles.I adore this calico bag, screen printed in pale pink with images of knitting yarn and needles - Fab!

The wooden button on the bag is even embossed with 'Sarah Waterhouse' - so lovely. You really should check her out as she has a great array of screen printed items that are just so tempting! Next we have some fab designs from 'Jaygo', I really love these....

I bought for myself these lovely things, a key fob and a zip purse.The key fob is in a great tangerine colour and on one side has the fab saying 'Calories Schmalories' and on the reverse it has the gorgeous sitting ducks fabric by Lizzie House, available here. The purse has loads of detail on it and has the infamous Obi Wan Kenobi saying 'May the Force be with You' on the front and a gorgeous appliqued heart on the reverse side. I also bought a gorgeous fabric covered notebook from Jaygo that I gave to my mum as it was the last one on the stall - I've since contacted Jill via her Folksy store and custom ordered a notebook to match my purse!!
Next up we have some gorgeous vintage fabric fat quarters...

These are from lillidrawspictures and were such a bargain, Holly chose them and they are to be put into the stash for her quilt which will be in pinks and greens and an eclectic (I hope!) mix of vintage and modern prints. Lilli makes gorgeous goodies from recycled/reclaimed fabrics and paper and it was from a vintage magazine that 'Master M's' Spiderman badge was made, you can just see it on the stripey fabric!

And finally we have a picture of the last few items bought....

The bobbles are from Mollys Mum and are freestyle machine sewn. The stall had lots of items (tea cosies, egg cosies, hair accessories, purses, brooches) made using the same technique and they were all great prices. At the back left of the picture there is also a pair of vintage button earrings in purple and unfortunately I didn't pick up the sellers card so if anyone knows who they are please let me know so I can link to them as they too had some amazing accessories made from vintage buttons. Finally 'Master M' chose a blue sock rabbit from Siansbury's which he adores and has called Timmy, check out her sock monkey store and blog as she does some great designs!


  1. What fun you must have had. I have always loved the Tree Fall bunnies I'm not surprised Holly is keeping tight hold of her! Juliex

  2. Lovely goodies, I chose Sarah Waterhouse/Plain jane Textiles as one of 4 Folksy Featured Sellers back in June 2009, I love her work. I am slightly jealous of your day out and also impressed you took the boys, I'm not sure I'd brave taking mine!! Bethx

  3. I meant the kids BTW, not the boys (Holly being a girl and all), sorry, my head isn't working very well today - full of cold again! Bx

  4. Tee Hee Hee - that made me chuckle Beth! Sorry you're not well again honey! You know on the day it was Holly displaying typical 'boy' what have you brought me here for behaviour! Max loves trinkets so he was in his element looking at all the stalls - plus the stall holders all made a fuss of him cos he was so interested - Bless him!!! Don't forget to let me know when you list the girlie lavender bunnies as I really still want one!

  5. ooooh I love all the goodies that you bought. Gorgeous! I do love a good craft fair. Will def organise another swap in a month or so. Its so much fun doing swaps. I'm a bit addicted now!! I did cover the book myself but it was harder than I expected as I just winged it and my measuring is always a bit rubbish! Had to unpick it once and start again. I have a link to a tutorial somewhere which I will try and find for you. Its probably not that difficult if you do it properly (unlike me!) I love the banner at the top of your blog by the way. Did you do that yourself? It looks fab. x

  6. Thanks for looking for the tutorial for me Ms. Sew Scrumptious! I was lucky with my banner, onen of the mums at school did it for me for free too - she's a graphic designer.


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