Thursday, 4 March 2010


I think I've just had the worst week ever!!

My sewing machine is somewhere in a box, though thankfully I know where my fabric stash is! My creative space (ie: the kitchen table), is still in pieces, the kitchen floor of my dreams is yet to be laid, we have no washing machine (help) or Sky (how will we survive), until Saturday and to top it all off the camera that I ordered online over 2 weeks ago (yes I'm aware the website promised delivery in 5 days) has yet to arrive, though I am assured it has now been despatched and should be winging its way to me via DHL Express as I blog!

Yes you're guessed correctly, we've done that thing we all vow never to do again, we've moved house - again! I must say in a week or so when some normality has returned it will have been well worth it, we've gone for a new build for the first time and its a lovely feeling I must say.

Unfortunately chaos is reigning at the present time with boxes everywhere and to be honest not much is being acheived as I really don't know where to start, the feeling of spring is in the air, a great time for fresh beginnings (well so one would think), I've opted to let chaos rule a little while longer so I can walk my lovely dogs! Mr. G will be pleased when he comes home tonight.......

On a more positive note my dad called earlier to say my delivery from fabricworm has arrived at his house - lovely fabric to make my schoolhouse tunic in. (If I had a camera I'd post a lovely photo, hopefully it will be here asap and my blog will then have accompanying photo's!) I've also received a felt delivery from paper-and-string which is all very exciting.....well it would be if I could get on and get some crafting done!


  1. Sound like mayhem! I am sure it'll all be worth it, in fact I hope as you read this things have settled down and bit. I'm very much looking forward to photos of your stash as I love fabricworm fabric!

    Beth/The Linen Catx


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