Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another day out!!

Time is just whizzing by and I'm certainly not getting my creativity hit but I am certainly getting some fab family time instead!

Last Monday saw us head off to Harewood House, Leeds for the annual Children's Festival. We packed a picnic (well my mum did as I had worked nights all weekend and was heading to the festival instead of sleeping!) and we had a really great day out!

There were these lovely ladies:

Who were driving around with old school dance music blaring out causing much comotion and hilarity, very very funny!

We saw these great characters from Ben 10 and of course the beloved Peppa Pig!

But it was this guy who was the main attraction:

That's right Justin Fletcher aka. Mr. Tumble. Over 20,000 people turned out to see him do a 45 minute show and to fight for a meet & greet space! 

Fortunately for us 'Little Miss H's' Down Syndrome has its advantages and we got straight to the front along with many other disabled children! 

This guy is a legend for us, his show on CBeebies, Something Special has just thrown signing and disabled children straight into the mainstream arena and for that I cannot thank him enough. Honestly I was welling up he was so nice, he bent down to hold 'Little Miss H's' hand and to say 'Hello'! She was beside herself, especially when he signed an autograph for her too!!

Here she is going crazy watching his show earlier:

After the excitement of Justin we relaxed with more food and watched the very talented Team Extreme dudes before heading off home. 

I'm hoping that now the mega run of bank holidays is over I might, just might get some sewing time!!


  1. Those trollied grannies are so funny!!! What a great time you all had! x

  2. It looks like a great day, Justine. Our Louis would have loved it. He loves Mr Tumble and signs along with him. Little Miss H looks so excited. Lovely post! xx

  3. What a fantastic day! Love Mr Tumble too. I met Andy from cbeebies recently and got really over excited. Izzy wasn't that bothered!!

  4. What a fab day out! I am so pleased little miss H got to meet Justin, I agree he is a legend (I always think it must be a nightmare for him to go food shopping or anything normal as kids will always recognise him and wnat to say hello). Fab. Bx

  5. What a great day you all had!


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