Friday, 20 May 2011

Slightly Distracted? What Me?

I was doing so well on the quilt front, yet somehow I've kinda got waylaid with some yarn love this last couple of days?

It started when I saw this gorgeous yarn in my local yarn shop. Helen who owns the shop then showed me the ideal pattern for a little shrug type cardigan for 'Little Miss H' and I just knew it would look great over a vest top in the summer months. So I bought it. Its from an Italian company called Adriafil, the line is Knitcol and its 100% Merino wool.

Like many other crafters the nation over I've also whipped up these from the fab new craft lifestyle magazine Mollie Makes:

How cute are these? Crochet apple jackets to protect your snack from getting bruised. Genious!

All this has meant that not much has happened on the sewing front since my last post, I have however visited your friend and mine, the lovely Katy of I'm A Ginger Monkey. She filled me in all the Quilt Market gossip from Salt Lake City where she also got me this lovely little package::

I squealed with delight as it's a little craft pack of the coveted, yet to be released Little Apples by British designer Aneela of Comfort Stitching. I'll be making up this little project over the weekend and will show you the result soon. Promise!

Finally another fabric treat::

Yep, that's right they are a pair of limited edition Nike & Liberty Tom Jet Skinny Premium Dunks. I almost died when I first saw these online and really can't believe I've managed to get some. I failed miserably trying to get them online on the release day so mega big thanks to Mr. I'm A Ginger Monkey who spotted them whilst shopping in the big smoke last week and remembered I NEEDED them. God love him.


  1. Oooh lucky you! Got to love those little apples :)

  2. spoiled by ginger monkeys, way to go girl!!

  3. Apple cosies are the next big thing!!! :) x

  4. Lovely wool! Really pretty. I love your apple cosies. You used the same pink I did. x

  5. Lucky you with the little apples packages - will wait to see what you make! Well done with the knitting and crochet too - my knitting is languishing but I have promised myself I'll work on it over the summer.......but I have said that before I think! Juliex

  6. ooooohhhhhh I just saw on facebook that mollie makes! I had never heard of it before but think I need to go find it online:)

    love the knitting! It's knitting weather here so I'm right into it



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