Monday, 16 May 2011

A Mere Flurry of Quilts

Today has been about this:

And this:

The top picture is a selection of fabric that I've pulled from my stash to make a baby boy strip quilt! 

My friend gave birth to a boy last night (quite unexpectedly, she'd been told at 2 scans that he was a she!) and in doing so sent my well made plans right up the swanny! I'd bought a great Cloud 9 fabric girl quilt kit from Saints and Pinners which I was going to sew up this week, instead I've hit the stash and am now awaiting some coordianting solids that will hopefully pull the whole quilt together! It will of course be a fun and scrappy quilt in shades of blue, green and grey. 

The second picture shows some Fairy Tale blocks that I've been whizzing up to make my neice a lap quilt. We'll be going to visit during half term at the end of this month and I'll be taking the quilt with me.

I've also personalised and filled my newly made hoop bag and yesterday I did a little cross stitch:

I pulled my back really badly on Saturday night and so yesterday I was immobile! I spent much of the day in bed stitching and sleeping, oh and tweeting and reading! To be honest I'm only mobile ish today thanks to the power of mega pain killers!

The cross-stitch is a Wee Wonderfuls pattern and is of four superheroes, I plan to make it the centre piece of a cushion for 'Master M's' bedroom.


  1. Love the fabric you picked for the baby quilt! Sorry you hurt your back, been there and it's not fun at all.

  2. Oh! I did my back in a few weeks ago. I had to 'suffer' through 3 one-hour massages to get my mobility back! Good luck - great projects you've got going there.

  3. I bet the finished 'boy' quilt will turn out fab!! Hope the back gets better quickly too

    BH x

  4. bad backs are so horrible, hope it sorts itself out soon. i love the look of your crossstitch - how cool is a superhero one?!
    And, crickey, your friend must have a had a bit of a shock - I should think that takes a bit of getting used to when you've been expecting one of the opposite colour! Juliex

  5. Have just found your blog - I love love love quilting blogs and yours is fab. That quilt down there looks too nice for the cat to lie on though? Am gonna check out all the links you've given in your pages, now. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Love the quilt very much. The bad back? Not so much.


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