Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oh dear......

It seems to be growing again.

I just can't help myself.

And there's more on the way.

Spot any of your favourites?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Crafty Sunday #8

Wow it seems like ages since I last posted anything for Crafty Sunday! This however is not for lack of craftiness, just a lack of being able to show you as all the items completed this last couple of weeks have been for swaps!!

Now I know that
Mrs. Yappy Dog has received her parcel I am at liberty to share it with you guys too! Betty and I had decided to make PJ cases for each other, here is what I made her using prints that I thought were Betty's style (decided after many emails back and forth!)

It is big enough to use as a laundry bag as well as a PJ case, I used fabrics from my stash including pieces from Tanya Whelan's 'Darla' range and a vintage FQ (middle fabric in pink floral). I then embroidered 'Betty' onto a piece of linen and added some cute co-ordinating buttons, the whole bag is lined in a cute white with red polka dot print and has a bright pink cord through the top.

I also sent two lavender bags in a now rare Cath Kidston print. To be honest I actually had trouble parting with these two beauties I loved them so much but since Betty has turned out to be a really cool friend I decided not be a meanie and get them sent to her!!

Here's what Betty sent me, I must say when I opened the package and saw what she had made I was totally bowled over, the PJ case was so me!!

Betty also did me one of her silk screen paintings in colours to match the PJ case and turned it into a fab lavender bag, its so gorgeous and smells divine.

I've felt really priviledged to be Betty's swap partner and we're even going to meet up in Florida whilst we're both on holiday - how cool is that? This is why I love doing swaps - you make such lovely friends and receive great handmade goodies into the mix - Thanks again Betty xxx

Now whilst we're on the subject of Florida I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK-YOU to all you lovilies who have offered to make me something handmade for the big day - I am blown over and really really appreciate it, so THANK-YOU - you know who you are XXX

Get yourselves over to Seamstar! For two reasons::

Courtney is offering a fantastic pre-order deal on the full 'Tufted Tweets' range (until 5th July). This line by Laurie Wisbrun is sooo fab I just love it and this bundle deal saves you 20% - Bargainous.

image courtesy of Seamstar
Here is my favourite print from the range::

image courtesy of Seamstar

The 2nd reason to get over to Seamstar is that Courtney is also now stocking my 2nd must have line for the summer - Patty Young's 'Play Date'. I love this line, its so cool for kids stuff and a funky summer quilt for the beach and picnics. Once again it's available in a fabby bundle::

image courtesy of Seamstar
The best part about this line is that there is a panel which has 3 rag dolls to cut out and make - how cool? What's even cooler is that there are free clothes patterns for it on the Modkid Boutique blog!! AND if you order 2 bundles from Seamstar you get the doll panel FREE!! Way Hey!!

Here is my fave print from the line::

image courtesy of Seamstar
I've put my order in and now I'm soooo excited for the postie to bring me more gorgeous fabric......

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wedding Love........

Now I had a little thought today whilst I was brainstorming ideas for wedding presents for the lovely Mr. G.......

I've been struggling with what to get him as (like everyone else) money is tight at present, saving for the holiday of a lifetime and the wedding has really drained our resources and not left me with much to play with in terms of getting him a special gift.

We've not talked about getting each other gifts but I really do want to give him something on this momentous occasion, he's such a doll and honestly he deserves a medal (if only for putting up with me!). He picks up the pieces of my wildly busy life - whilst I try being a special care nurse, mummy to two young children (one with special needs and all that that entails) and on top of that now I've found a huge passion for sewing and blogging - the poor man often doesn't get a look in!

He never grumbles though (sometimes he hides the laptop and blames the kids) and he pays genuine interest when I make him read some of my favourite blogs, he listens to me waffle insanely about fabric design and never goes mad when he reads the bank statement and realises how much I spent this month on fabric (he says he feels like Courtney aka Seamstar is part of the family) and he takes great pleasure in seeing my face when I make something I love (his words not mine!). He's a great dad and the kids adore him (as do I I've just realised), so anyway my idea.....

How cool would it be to give him some handmade wedding themed goodies from my lovely online blog friends???? I'm open to ideas and really I'm not expecting freebies, I'd be happy to pay for your services if you think you can help!

So if you're up for a little challenge to help me make our wedding day extra special for the fab 'Mr. G' then please leave me a comment. I don't want big ideas just a few little handmade items that will put a smile on his face that we can display in our home afterwards would be immense.

I really do hope some of you will be able to help me, it would mean a great deal to me....

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good evening peeps!

I've been sewing away this evening so thought I'd do a little post before I hit my bed - doesn't this heat tire you out? I'm not complaining merely commenting!

I can't show
you what I've been working on this evening as it's for the lovely Mrs. Yappy Dog who is my Boudoir Swap partner, I've made really excellent progress and the parcel will be posted out by the weekend so watch out for it Betty! I can however show you the Strawberry Swap parcel that I sent to my partner Lynne in Australia (no blog unfortunately) a couple of weeks ago.

I sent a strawberry re-useable shopper, strawberry napkins, lip balm, soap, lollipop, notebook, Cath Kidston strawberry fabric in 2 colourways, some strawberry buttons and ribbon and I handmade a felt strawberry keyring! I'm still awaiting my parcel from Lynn but as it's winter in Oz she's struggling a little but assures me it will arrive soon - unfortunately I've still not received my apron from the Great Apron Swap 2010, very dissapointing as I really don't think I will ever receive it, just a hunch.

This week I ordered a couple of bits from fellow bloggers Emily Pickle and Muddy Puddle Crafts.

Hair clips are
a necessity in our house for 'Little Miss H' (me too when my fringe gets too long and I can't be bothered going to the hairdressers!)

And I simply jumped at the chance to get a mini
inspiration plaque from Jo when she offered
them to her blog readers for a mere fiver - how cute will it look hanging on my craft shelves?

I also wanted to show you some lovely jewellry we've had made for 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M' to wear on our wedding day, gifts from us to them you might say on our family's special day.

'Little Miss H's' is made from multi-coloured freshwater pearls with sterling silver clasps. The necklaces pendant features a shell, heart and traditional pea
rl and the bracelet has her initial on it.

'Master M's' on the other hand features a sharks tooth in sterling silver and his is made from blue and red shell beads, again with sterling silver clasps. His bracelet also has his initial on.

Both sets are just gorgeous and so in keeping with our beach wedding. They are from a company that was called 'The Children's Jewellery Co'
, who have now unfortunately stopped trading. I found them in the ads in some random magazine last year (possibly Junior Magazine) and have bought lots of stuff from them. They sold quality hand crafted kids jewellry that was no more expensive than the high street but with way more street cred - I just cannot stand tat!

Finally for this evening I wanted to share some fab photo's of the kids sports day that was this afternoon - in fact we have had the most lovely afternoon today......

The sun was shining, there was a good turn out of parents to watch the event, lots of laughing and cheering and we even took the little folk out of school early when sports day had finished so we could go meet daddy at the 'mucky pub' ('Master M' phrase - he got it from my mum!) and yes we watched the football. Well I say watched, I had to sit in the beer garden with 'Little Miss H' as it was way too loud for her and she was getting quite upset but we enjoyed a glass of wine or two in the sunshine so all was well! (clearly we knew from the cheers from inside the pub what was going on in the match!)

Well I really must get myself to bed, I have to be up and out of the house early tomorrow morning, no not for work, not even to take the little people to school (my lovely childminder will be doing that for me!) Have you guessed yet??????

I'm going to treat myself and get queueing early doors at the O2 store to try and get my hands on the new iPhone.........................very limited stock don't you know and I simply must have one!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday Stash #56

Yes it's that time again!

Just because I loved it from the moment I saw it and now that I am the proud owner of 2 panels, I certainly love it even more!!

On the crafting, making and doing front I haven't got that much that I can actually reveal to you. I am part way through making my item for the Boudoir Swap and so cannot reveal that or my partner, the lovely Mrs Yappy Dog will see what it is I am creating for her!

I also completed the handmade element of my Strawberry Swap and got the whole package posted over to my partner Lynn in Australia (she doesn't have a blog), I will show what I sent another time when I know that the parcel has been received safely!

I am part way through cutting the fabric required to complete the bridesmaids dresses and hope to finish these over the next week so I can start the wedding dress the week after!

I am still waiting for my apron to arrive for the Great Apron Swap 2010 and my partner has gone very quiet on me. Rubbish I know.

Anyway off to work for me, enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Simply Solids...

If you're a quilter you really need to check out 'Simply Solids'. It's a new venture from Mandy, formerly of Made With Love by Mandy, now Simply Solids!!

Her online fabric stores sells the much coveted and sought after in the UK, Kona solids range (might I add at a really great price), in addition to free postage on orders of £15 or more.

What more could you ask for?

Click the 'Simply Solids' button in my left hand column to be taken straight there....

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

As some of you may be aware I started taking part in 'Show & Tell Sunday' just this month, after seeing some of the lovely May posts here and here.

The idea originates from Joe's lovely blog and it was a cool surprise when she asked if I'd be interested in hosting the next couple of 'Show and Tells'. (I think I was probably the only person who put forward ideas for themes when she asked at the end of her June post, rather than me being someone special!!)

So I am happy to tell you that for July and August I will take the guantlet and lead the fab 'Show and Tell' project. It's like been a school teacher all over again! Eeek.

So the theme for July is none other than Favourite Song.

Now if you're like me this will be massive, I have a favourite song for every occassion. My life has been mapped out by music. I love it. Mr. G says I need to remember I am now the wrong side of 30 and no he will not accompany me to a Dizzee Rascal and Lily Allen concert. How boring (Dizzee is the man) and this from the man who had never been to a gig, not one single gig until he met me, he clearly hadn't lived. Why am I marrying him again, it certainly isn't for his love of music I can tell you!! He told me I'd be the oldest rocker in town if I went to a Dizzee gig at the MEN and he couldn't let me embarrass myself. How rude.

Anyway enough of my waffling, I'm hoping that by hosting 'Show and Tell Sunday' I'll get a few more participants via readers of my blog that may not read Joe's blog. You know what I mean.

So get your thinking caps on:: SUNDAY 4th July Favourite Song

You just need to get the button from my side bar and use in your post and let us know a little about your kinda music!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pay It Forward

After the sadness of yesterday I've decided to spread a little cheer by taking part in 'Pay It Forward'.

I have seen this idea on a couple of blogs over the last few weeks but when I saw that the lovely Lynda of Hookin with Laalaa had decided to start her own chain of kindness I wanted to join in too!!

Lynda had stated that the 1st three people to comment on her post would be the recipients of a lovely handmade gift that she would forward to them in the next 365 days. The only stipulation being that they themselves have to 'Pay It Forward' and carry on the chain of kindness to a further 3 people.

I was actually the 4th person to comment but luckily Lynda decided to up her numbers to 4 so I could participate!! Very kind indeed.

So here is my 'Pay It Forward' - If you'd like to spread some kindness and are willing to post the idea on your blog in order to find a further 3 recipients then please leave me a comment on this post.

The 1st 3 friends that comment will receive a handmade gift from myself before the end of October 2010. If you're in the 1st 3 comments (maybe more) I'll be in touch soon!!

Added @ 8pm:: come on bloggy friends I need at least one more person to take this up before we're good to go - some of the comments on the bottom are about other stuff so don't let the fact that there are 5 comments put you off!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So I say.......

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing,
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing,
Who could live without it? I ask in all honesty
What would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me.RIP Nettie, we'll never forget you our dancing queen!!!

Just wanted to share a day of two halves, one very poignant and one very normal. Isn't it strange how that can happen.

This morning I went to my friends funeral. It was peppered with Abba throughout, bringing back very poignant memories for all her friends who were half laughing and crying through all the songs, I'm sure her family that didn't know us that well thought we were all mad!

This is Jenette's profile picture from Facebook, it's of her and my cousin Fran back in the day!! Honestly, we were wild can you tell??!! I think they were about 17 on this picture.
Anyway, she'll never be forgotten and at least she's now at peace, an extremely hard day for all concerned.

On my way home from crematorium I called at the sorting office to collect a parcel. Yay it was from the lovely Kerry of Blueberry-Heart and was my Fabric Addict Swap parcel.

Look at all the goodies. There was a distinct theme, one was pink and green which is good for all things girly that I make.....

And the other was my upcoming wedding.

God bless Kerry for making me a lovely fabric covered photo album to store some yet to be had treasured memories in, a gorgeous mother of pearl button heart and a lovely wedding card. Kerry also very thoughtfully included 2 packets of sweets for 'Little Miss H' and 'Master M', they'll be gone in no time believe me!

Thanks so very very much, a great pick me up on a very sad day. Thank-you Kerry, I love it all!

The postman also brought me this from the USA today - a great cross-stitch pattern from the very talented Hilary of Wee Wonderfuls. If you've not checked out her blog and store, do it

So my bee block has been returned to Amy, my strawberry swap is nearly complete and my Boudoir swap is underway.........

What will I do come the weekend - ah yes, there's a litlle matter of a wedding dress......

Monday, 14 June 2010

Where on earth does time go.......

I can't believe it's almost a week since my last entry, I never meant to have such a gap and now I've got lots of disjointed stuff to blog!!

Firstly, I have at last finished my block for the Fresh Modern Bee 2 and this will be posted back to Amy in the USA tomorrow.

Here is my block partaking in a spot of ironing before tackling the washing-up in the background!! (Ha Ha - we decided to post pics of our quilts in action rather than the usual serious pictures!) It's by no means perfect, my points are a bit out and it's not quite square but rather than unpick it all and risk ruining it I'm posting it back to Amy as is and she will hopefully be able to use it. I really, really hope she can use it as I am very proud of it, it is after all my very first attempt at 'serious and proper' quilting and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Next up::

This beauty was grabbed in the local charity shop at the weekend. I saw it. I loved it. I had to have it. I went away to think about it. I discussed with Mr. G. I went back the next day and bought it. Yay!

I also got this gorgeous oil painting which I spied when I went back into said charity shop to find a strapping man to help me lift the bureau into my car! I must point out however that 'Little Miss H' and I had managed to get the bureau outside to the car unaided, we just weren't quite strong enough to lift the bureau high enough over the car side and into the back seats - we had the roof down!!

The painting is divine and is for 'Little Miss H's' bedroom, I'm thinking I may change the frame for a white one as its just a faux wood (plastic!) frame its in currently....

Now the bureau I am unsure with what to do at the moment....... do I leave as is (which my dad said I should) or do I strip and paint a lovely pale grey colour in a shabby chic stylie?? Answers in the comments section please!

My final photo is of the Amy Butler fabric I got in the 5 Valley closing down sale, I was saving it for Sunday Stash yesterday but completely missed the boat. This I am blaming Mr. G for, he had his very messy (by all accounts!) stag do all day on Saturday and well into the wee hours of Sunday. I'm sure you can all imagine the state he was in yesterday so needless to say I had no 'me time' to blog!

Finally, I am heading to the post office tomorrow to collect a parcel which I think is from Blueberry-Heart for the Fabric Addict swap. I am still awaiting my Alexander Henry Fairytale panels and my apron for the Great Apron Swap 2010 to arrive from the USA. I have nearly completed my Strawberry Swap and this will be posted by the weekend, I am yet to start my Boudoir Swap make but know what it is, just a matter of doing it!!!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fresh Modern Bee 2 In Action!!

Well I've a few things to catch up with you all on but the most important has got to be my piecing of some squares for the 1st month of the Fresh Modern Bee 2. I hope Amy likes them!

To be more than honest I was a tad scared of even starting as this really is my first proper attempt at quilting! Luckily we had a great tutorial to follow from the infamous 'Film in the Fridge' blog so all is going well so far, the 4 squares above will be sewn into 1 large block. Now I had said that I would make 2 blocks for Amy, which is 8 squares in total but I have run out of fabric (very annoying I must say) and I'm not sure if it's because I've made an error or there simply wasn't enough fabric supplied, though to be honest there aren't a lot of scraps left over so I'm hoping it's the latter!!

So I have made 5 complete squares with 1 incomplete that can be finished with fabric from my stash. What I can't do unfortunately is complete the other 2 squares as I just don't have the variety of the right coloured fabric in my stash. It's poop I know because I feel like I'm letting Amy down but hey ho I can only do what I can!

Finally this week I posted my apron to Elka as part of the Great Apron Swap 2010 and my handwritten letter to Peg in Canada as part of the Handwritten letter swap, here are the parcels ready for the Post Office.

Mmmm, talking of the post I received the very lovely 'I-Spy' charm pack from Amy of 'Diary of a Quilter', this will go in my stash until I get chance to make a quilt with it, hopefully sometime this year!

The fabrics are all gorgeous and the piccies above are just a selection, believe me!

Now I wonder what's in this box that came today?? A ring for moi maybe......
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