Friday, 23 November 2012

Giving Thanks

So this weekend is Thanksgiving in the USA and as I have met lots of friends stateside through blogging, tweeting and IG, I do feel it appropriate to have a little celebration here too!

Not forgetting what Thanksgiving is all about my sewing bestie Katy has written an awesome post on been thankful.

Right now I'm thankful that my parents have taken baby Hunter out for the day so I can have a computer day to catch up with things for Simply Solids and to blog! I'm thankful that the aforementioned Katy collected a quilt from the long arm quilter for me yesterday and is machine sewing the front of the binding down for me today. I'm also thankful that blogging brought us together with the rest of the Kitchen Guild gang who quite frankly keep me sane!!

Here's a picture of the quilt Katy collected for me:

It's the bow-tie quilt done in Heather Ross Far Far Away and Essex Linen, for a lovely friend I might add!

I'm also working on another quilt right now:

This will be the Orange Soda quilt in Tufted Tweets and is heading my brothers way!

I'm also very grateful for the Hoop I received today in the Hoop-La swap on Flickr. I was stalked very well by it's maker don't you think? It's just perfect!!

Finally to celebrate Thanksgiving I'm offereing 15% off everything in Simply Solids from Friday 23rd - Mon 26th November 2012 with code: turkey. Enjoy!


  1. ooohhh can't wait to see the quilt! I am planning on making the Orange Soda too but it will definitely be post baby now. Gorgeous hoop!
    So sad I won't make the kitchen guild but I can't drive our car and even getting up in the morning is exhausting!!
    p.s. have had to move your beautiful cushion into our bedroom because my son is now sounding out words ;)

  2. Can't wait for the big reveal (and that was not a comment about Lucy!) xxx


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