Monday, 8 February 2016

Farmer's Wife QAL - Block 41 Granny

I can't believe we're into week 21 of the Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt Along, can you?

This week it's my turn to guest post again and I'm here with block 41, Granny.

This block was a breeze in comparison to some of the recent blocks we've done, just two fabrics and not many seams! 

You may notice that I have changed the colour scheme for my blocks, in fact I've completely started again using a rainbow palette, the 1930's repro palette was just not me and I'm much happier with my brighter blocks! The fabric I chose for this block is Kona Cotton Orange and Carkai Stitches in Petunia

As the weeks have progresed on the QAL I have gotten into a good rhythm prepping and making my blocks. I always colour code my block diagrams and paper pieces so that I don't make any errors in my fabric placement!

I also use an add a quarter ruler to trim all my seams. In the photo below you can see I have used a dab of glue to hold my first fabric in place, I then flip everything over, fold back the template on the sewing line and then butt up the ruler and trim. 

The other thing I do religiously is pin my blocks. Here you can see how I've used a pin to secure the seams where they need to match when the seam is opened. This stops your block moving and helps keep your points and seams perfect!

Here you can see how I've used pins to pin the key points on the final seam in the block.

So all in all a nice simple block! You will get lots of bulk at the centre of the block as you sew it together, as this is where there are the most seams, I just removed some of the paper before I sewed the final seam. Giving the block a really good press also helps the centre to sit nice and flat when the papers are removed too. 

I hope you all have fun making your Granny blocks!

If you head on over to Kerry's blog you'll get to see her tips and tricks for block 42 as well as get a full run down of all the blocks made in the QAL so far!


  1. Thanks for the tips! Love the new combo. Are you just saying over where you are, or trying to re-do at the same time? Just curious. I've had tons of obligations and haven't saturated yet! (@agalinsweden)

    1. Erm, started, not saturated! Though perhaps I should.....

    2. Erm, started, not saturated! Though perhaps I should.....


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