Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ta Dah!!

At last I've found time to blog!

The worst week ever has turned into probably the worst month ever what with still living out of boxes, lack of storage in our new place and still no kitchen floor it's been/it is still a nightmare!!

Anyhow on a more positive note my new camera has finally arrived, I opted for a Panasonic Lumix FZ35.

I'm still getting used to using it as its way more advanced than any camera I've owned before but its all good fun! I've also just purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 so that I can create some interesting photo shots using layering for the blog - once I've figured it all out that is!!

I got the idea for all this from a great blog I stumbled across whose author Danielle is a great digital scrapbooker/artist - check it out its great! I ordered some of her digital scrapboook stuff which will be used once I've figured out how!!

Anyhow this is the first picture I took with my new toy, it's my beautiful daughter 'Little Miss H'.....

And here are a couple of shots of my little crafting heaven, essentially a fab bookcase from Ikea that holds all my fabric and crafty bits!

I will endeavour to read the help section of blogger tomorrow and find out how to insert better pictures with frames etc and take some close ups of my fabric which will hopefully highlight my style a bit better! So from me its goodbye for now - I promise to be back soon xx

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